What Is The Best Electronic Cigarette Type?

What Is The Best Electronic Cigarette Type?

Most people consider making the change to an electronic cigarette because they are curious about benefits associated with them. First of all there is no tar, carcinogens and all 4,000 of the other bad chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. There are also no fire hazards with lighters or matches or foul odors which will please any of your non smoking family and friends. Making the switch to an electronic cigarette is an easy choice and by answering a few questions honestly, determining what is the best electronic cigarette type is for you is pretty easy also.

First you must determine what type of smoker you are. Are you social or a light smoker only smoking at night or after hours with friends? Do you have a moderate smoking habit maybe around one pack a day? Last is the heavy smoker that smokes over one to two packs a day.

Most electronic cigarettes on the market will work fine for a social or light smoker. There is plenty of battery life per e-cig and there are plenty of styles and colors to fit anyone’s personality. The light use on the e-cig means they should last a long time and are very cheap to maintain after the original purchase.

Moderate smokers will need to look for a quality product. Solid battery performance is very important when shopping so look for a battery that holds a charge for at least a full day or little more. Three piece e-cigs consists of a battery; atomizer and a cartridge and work well and with extra cartridges which allow you to change to a different flavor of e-liquid in a snap.

Heavy smokers need to look at heavier duty e-cigs. Two piece e-cigs that consist of a battery and cartomizer work great. The cartomizer and cartridge are disposable and last a long time. Purchase more than one battery is a must, so one or more are always ready to go. Use strong e-liquids in flavors you like made with quality ingredients. Multiple chargers with USB, home and auto outlet ends are very important because batteries only work when charged.

You have made the right healthy choice in choosing to drop the tobacco and smoke an electronic cigarette. Now take a little time to answer the questions and shop accordingly. Make a smart move! You will be much happier and satisfied in the end without wasting time and money on the wrong e-cig.

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