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The Simpsons Halloween Episodes: Every ‘Treehouse of Horror’ Special, Ranked

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Can any TV sequence rival The Simpsons for the sheer selection of Halloween episodes? Since Season 2, the sequence has given enthusiasts one new “Treehouse of Horror” anthology episode each and every unmarried yr. Early on, those tales have been extra immediately horror-centric, however since then “Treehouse of Horror” has turn out to be one thing of a clearinghouse for stuff the writers can not do right through a “common” episode. And we find it irresistible. Neatly, normally…

In honor of this Halloween custom, we’ve got ranked each and every unmarried “Treehouse of Horror” episode to this point, up thru Season 33’s “Treehouse of Horror XXXII.” A few of them are just right sufficient to rival the most efficient episodes from the display’s golden years. Others… smartly, it is onerous to bat 1000 over nearly 3 many years. Learn on for our complete checklist, and after you might be accomplished, make certain to take a look at our just lately up to date highest Simpsons Episodes checklist and spot how the sequence will probably be spoofing Dying Be aware in its newest Halloween episode.

33. “Treehouse of Horror XXII” (2011)

“The Diving Bell and the Butterball” is the single-worst “Treehouse of Horror” phase ever, and it is not specifically shut. It is necessarily one lengthy, profoundly unfunny fart shaggy dog story. The general phase is an Avatar parody that, like Avatar, has no longer elderly smartly.

32. “Treehouse of Horror XXXII” (2021)

We will give this episode a slight little bit of credit score for looking to shake up the formulation and take on 5 segments as an alternative of the standard 3. However predictably, that best method this batch of horror spoofs feels much more rushed and underdeveloped than standard. The largest sadness this is “Bong Joon Ho’s ‘This Aspect of Parasite,'” which provides completely not anything to the satirical horror movie it lampoons.

31. “Treehouse of Horror XXIV” (2013)

Guillermo del Toro was once accountable for the outlet series of this episode, however after that it is truly bland. Not one of the segments are just right within the slightest. Particularly, the second one phase, “Lifeless and Shoulders,” comes to Bart’s head being connected to Lisa’s frame, which is a trope that has been treated reputedly dozens of instances earlier than, together with in a prior “Treehouse of Horror” episode.

30. “Treehouse of Horror XXXI” (2020)

This episode is especially irritating in that it more than likely will have been a winner had the ideas been fleshed out extra. “Toy Gory” is a deeply uninspired spoof of the Toy Tale motion pictures, and “Be 9, Rewind” misses the mark with its time shuttle humor. This episode does a minimum of have the slightly fun Wonder parody “Into the Homer-Verse,” however even that in the end recycles a identical premise from the a lot more a hit “Treehouse of Horror XIII.”

29. “Treehouse of Horror XXV” (2014)

“The Others” is a enjoyable phase the place the “ghosts” of the unique Simpsons designs hang-out the present Simpson circle of relatives. It is enjoyable to listen to Dan Castellaneta do his previous Walter Matthau-esque Homer voice once more. Alternatively, “Faculty is Hell” is an instance of an unlucky pattern that began to plague those episodes as issues went on; tremendous gory gross-out humor this is unsubtle and unsightly. Name it a combined bag.

28. “Treehouse of Horror XXVII” (2016)

This fresh addition to the sequence is so unmemorable you may actually no longer recall a unmarried phase. That suggests none of them are specifically just right, but additionally none of them are specifically dangerous. It is totally mediocre. Additionally, that is the 600th episode, which feels unlucky, nevertheless it did get us a semi-fun track tacked onto the top. You would like this type of vital milestone to be marked by means of one thing rather then a bland choice of tales that comes with an uninspired James Bond/Kingsman parody.

27. “Treehouse of Horror XXX” (2019)

The thirtieth Treehouse particular additionally occurs to be the display’s 666th episode, a incontrovertible fact that yields some comedic gold within the Omen-inspired intro series. Past that, then again, there is no longer a lot to put in writing house about with this one, whilst The Simpsons in the end will get round to spoofing Netflix’s Stranger Issues in “Threat Issues.”

26. “Treehouse of Horror XXVI” (2015)

Sideshow Bob in the end were given to kill Bart. That is fun in idea, even if the phase is not if truth be told all that relaxing. For this type of “momentous” match, it did not truly stick the touchdown. “Homerzilla” isn’t any “King Homer,” however it is first rate sufficient. One imagines it may be onerous to stay arising with new “Treehouse of Horror” segments, nevertheless it’d be great for the execution to be a little upper than those more moderen ones, nonetheless.

25. “Treehouse of Horror XXIX” (2018)

Like most of the more moderen specials, Treehouse XXIX tries and most commonly fails to do justice to the vintage horror fare it spoofs. It is specifically irritating seeing the sequence battle with classics like Invasion of the Frame Snatchers and Jurassic Park (although the latter were given all of the parody it ever wanted long ago in Season 6’s “Itchy & Scratchy Land”). However this episode does hit paydirt with a a lot more fresh movie, as “Multiplisa-ty” seems to be a shockingly entertaining riff on M. Evening Shyamalan’s Break up.

24. “Treehouse of Horror XVIII” (2007)

“Mr. & Mrs. Simpson” is a parody of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which has not anything to do with Halloween. Alternatively, it is usually the most efficient phase on this episode, and a just right, entertaining one general. It is no doubt an issue in choose of “Treehouse of Horror” stepping out of the Halloween and horror global. That is additionally true of the general phase “Heck Space,” which is surely spooky, however similarly mundane. The hole phase is an E.T. parody that is nice.

23. “Treehouse of Horror XX (2009)

The hole phase is truly enjoyable, particularly in case you like the speculation of Frankenstein’s Monster dressing like SpongeBob. “Do not Have a Cow, Mankind” is a forged zombie tale, even if inferior to “Dial ‘Z’ for Zombies,” which we’re going to discuss in a little. The general phase is bizarre, as a result of it is slightly meta. It is principally the characters from the display hanging on a parody of Sweeney Todd. Alternatively, that still makes it really feel recent, which is spectacular 20 episodes in.

22. “Treehouse of Horror XIII” (2002)

The clone tale is humorous, particularly the dig at Circle of relatives Man they sneaked into it. Alternatively, “The Island of Dr. Hibbert” is not humorous within the slightest, and is without doubt one of the worst “Treehouse of Horror” tales. The primary two segments are wearing that one to make this a middle-of-the-road day trip.

21. “Treehouse of Horror XXI” (2010)

This episode options an of-the-moment parody of Twilight, an excessively a lot not-of-the-moment parody of Lifeless Calm, and a — now, anyway — of-the-moment parody of Jumanji. They’re all nice, even if the Jumanji bit is unusually darkish. This is in case you imagine the speculation of 2 10-year-olds being hanged darkish.

20. “Treehouse of Horror XII” (2001)

There’s numerous attainable in a Harry Potter parody, even in 2001 when that franchise was once nonetheless most commonly recognized in guide shape. However “Wiz Children” best partly succeeds. Pierce Brosnan is enjoyable because the voice of a killer space in “Space of Whacks,” and the primary phase is first rate sufficient. This actual version of “Treehouse of Horror” got here at a time when well-liked opinion was once beginning to flip towards The Simpsons, and in addition at a time when those Halloween episodes have been airing in early November. Each of these items went in contrast episode, however time has published it as being an OK 30 minutes of TV.

19. “Treehouse of Horror XVII” (2006)

“The Day the Earth Regarded Silly,” a parody of the (alleged) panic stemming from Orson Welles’ “Conflict of the Worlds” broadcast, has a fascinating thought it does not execute in excellent model. It does ultimately turn out to be a satire of The us’s invasion of Iraq, which you’d assume would date issues, however… Alternatively, Richard Lewis voicing a neurotic golem is slightly humorous. Then Fran Drescher presentations up and this Halloween episode will get relatively Jewish (to its super get advantages).

18. “Treehouse of Horror XV” (2004)

“The Ned Zone” is truly just right, as it builds on Ned Flanders’ mild-mannered persona, and in addition his every so often adversarial courting with Homer. When a tale is a flight of fancy, it is a lot more straightforward to just accept Homer being a whole jerk and doofus, and the stakes may also be upper. Like, the destruction of Springfield thru nuclear meltdown upper. The opposite two segments are beautiful just right, and we do get to listen to Yeardley Smith put an English accessory onto her Lisa voice.

17. “Treehouse of Horror XVI” (2005)

Here’s a case the place each and every unmarried phase may well be met with “Eh, I assume that was once OK.” That makes for a tight episode of tv, but additionally one this is slightly tough to talk about seriously at duration. No less than The Simpsons were given to take a shot at baseball in its opening series. Presently, the MLB playoffs have been pushing “Treehouse of Horror” into November, which one imagines the oldsters at the display were not too satisfied about.

16. “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII” (2017)

This episode is well the most effective of the more moderen Treehouse specials. That is thank you in no small phase to the truth that the sequence in the end will get round to lampooning The Exorcist (with Maggie because the demonically possessed kid, naturally). This episode additionally will get props for its visually bold tribute to Neil Gaiman’s Coraline in “Coralisa.”

15. “Treehouse of Horror XIV” (2003)

“Reaper Insanity” is without doubt one of the most sensible 10 “Treehouse of Horror” segments of all time. Perhaps even most sensible 5. Homer turns into the Grim Reaper, and the tale ends with Homer looking to outrun God on a bike in a parody of motion chases all over the place. It is hilarious and a pride. Alternatively, the opposite two segments (together with one with the overdue Jerry Lewis) are not as much as that degree. In reality, the general phase roughly blows. This rating is nearly totally due to the very good “Reaper Insanity.”

14. “Treehouse of Horror” (1990)

The place it began. On the time, this concept was once recent. The Simpsons stepping out in their actual global and telling tales was once exceptional. We have been presented to Kang and Kodos! That is surely a noteworthy episode. It simply is not slightly as humorous as different installments. Hello, it was once a brand new thought. They’d some kinks to determine. It should had been cool to listen to James Earl Jones recite “The Raven” on The Simpsons, however is anyone going to take a look at and argue that phase is humorous in any respect?

13. “Treehouse of Horror X” (1999)

A parody of I Know What You Did Closing Summer time. A tale constructed round Xena: The Warrior Princess. A phase all about Y2K. Sure, this “Treehouse of Horror” may be very a lot of its time. That being mentioned, these kinds of bits are a minimum of beautiful just right. It has some memorable traces, and includes a humorous look from Tom Arnold. This episode will remind you of the significance of hanging your fog lighting fixtures in, and in addition perhaps make you crave some Sugar Crisp.

12. “Treehouse of Horror II” (1991)

Because the thought of “Treehouse of Horror” was once nonetheless recent, The Simpsons made up our minds to position those fantastical tales into context. As such, right here Homer, Bart, and Lisa all devour an excessive amount of sweet after which have sugar-induced nightmares. The tales are all strongly geared in opposition to the horror and Halloween theme, which is sweet, and the twist on the finish of Bart’s tale (he awakes in horror as a result of he has a young second with Homer) is suave.

11. “Treehouse of Horror IX” (1998)

“Hell Toupee” and “The Terror of Tiny Toon” are each just right segments. The latter is especially robust, as a result of Bart and Lisa are sucked into the tv, which ends up in numerous enjoyable stuff, together with interactions with a live-action Regis and Kathy Lee. The closing phase, although, in which we discover out Maggie is an alien and the circle of relatives is going on Jerry Springer, is a bit lackluster. The whole episode is just right, although. That is why it is within the most sensible 10.

10. “Treehouse of Horror XIX” (2008)

For a later “Treehouse of Horror,” this version is especially fun. There’s a humorous phase the place Homer kills celebrities in order that their pictures can be utilized in advertisements with out their consent. Alas, two of the folks he killed are the now if truth be told lifeless Prince and Neil Armstrong (watch your again, George Clooney). Alternatively, the general phase, a violent parody of “It is the Nice Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” is the spotlight. It is a pitch-perfect spoof, but additionally humorous and suave past that.

9. “Treehouse of Horror XI” (2000)

None of those 3 tales are iconic standouts, however they’re all just right. The hole series, a Munsters parody, may be cool, a minimum of in case you take into accout The Munsters. Homer as a ghost is entertaining, and so is the story of dolphins emerging from the oceans to overhaul humanity. Moreover, a Hansel and Gretel parody contains a perfect twist at the previous gag of someone making up a pretend identify according to one thing they see within the room. This appears like one of the vital first circumstances of that twist, possibly the first actual.

8. “Halloween of Horror” (2015)

Perhaps this episode is extra of an honorable point out, since it is not technically a part of the Treehouse sequence. However making an allowance for that it is usually one of the vital highest Halloween-themed Simpsons episode of the twenty first Century, it truly merits a spot right here. “Halloween of Horror” greenbacks the anthology layout for a unmarried, easier tale about Homer looking to assist a badly spooked Lisa discover ways to benefit from the vacation once more. It is a unusually heartfelt birthday party in their father/daughter bond.

7. “Treehouse of Horror III” (1992)

For all of the communicate of “Treehouse of Horror” getting clear of horror stuff in recent times, that pattern truly began nearly as quickly those specials was a factor. The 3rd version of the sequence includes a (first rate sufficient) parody of King Kong. The opposite two segments are horror-centric, and in addition higher, together with “Dial ‘Z’ for Zombies,” which permits Homer to in the end shoot Flanders. The evil Krusty doll tale is especially just right, and lines Homer’s iconic “That is just right/That is dangerous” dialog with a mysterious shopkeeper.

6. “Treehouse of Horror XXIII” (2012)

This particular proves there is nonetheless gold to be discovered even with the more moderen seasons. The center phase, a Paranormal Job spoof, is first rate, and more than likely essential. They could not steer clear of doing a discovered photos horror parody round this time. In the meantime, the opposite two segments are truly just right, particularly for being from the twenty third version. The primary one is not truly a parody. It is only a good, fun tale a couple of black hollow. Then there’s “Bart and Homer’s Superb Journey,” which is without doubt one of the highest segments ever. There may be time shuttle, Artie Ziff, and “The United Federation of Homers Via Historical past.”

5. “Treehouse of Horror VIII” (1997)

The highest 5 truly take issues to some other degree. “Fly vs. Fly” is excellent. It options the hilarious line, “The pants are a lifeless giveaway.” Certain, with out context that is probably not humorous, however in context it is nice. Watch the episode. It is wall-to-wall glorious. Homer because the (reputedly) closing guy on Earth may be a pleasure. Even “Simple Bake Coven,” which is not slightly as just right as the opposite two segments, is memorable and as pleasant as a caramel cod.

4. “Treehouse of Horror IV” (1993)

“The Satan and Homer Simpson” is surely memorable. Finally, Homer sells his soul for a donut. It is probably not side-splittingly humorous (or groin-grabbingly transcendent), however the execution continues to be numerous enjoyable. That being mentioned, “Terror at 5 ½ Toes” and “Bart Simpson’s Dracula” are each truly robust. Plus, there are the wraparounds, that have been written by means of Conan O’Brien. Want you be reminded of probably the most frightening portray of all? The one of the vital canine enjoying poker? In fact you do not, as a result of it is iconic (and hilarious).

3. “Treehouse of Horror V” (1994)

All of those episodes are nice, and have iconic “Treehouse of Horror” segments. That is the episode the place Groundskeeper Willie will get an awl within the again in all 3 tales. There may be the only the place the adults of Springfield Fundamental kill and devour all of the kids. Homer construction a time device out of a toaster and experiencing the perils of the butterfly impact is tremendous humorous. Then, after all, we will be able to’t fail to remember “The Shinning.” No TV and no beer make Homer one thing one thing…

2. “Treehouse of Horror VI (1995)

All 3 of those segments are impeccable. You’ll be able to try to quibble with them, however your quibbles are erroneous. Lard Lad coming to existence to get his donut again? Superior. Groundskeeper Willie as Freddy Krueger within the phase that gave us the quote “Awful Smarch Climate?” Unbelievable. Homer in three-D? Tremendous cool and extremely enjoyable, even earlier than he enters the true global (after which enters an erotic cake retailer). This is not simply a perfect “Treehouse of Horror.” It is one of the vital perfect Simpsons episodes length. And but, it is not slightly the most efficient “Treehouse of Horror” of the bunch.

1. “Treehouse of Horror VII” (1996)

That is as a result of this episode. “The Factor and I,” with Bart’s long-lost dual Hugo, is truly just right. So is “The Genesis Bathtub.” Alternatively, if we’re all being truthful, that is most commonly about “Citizen Kang.” “Citizen Kang” is the most efficient “Treehouse of Horror” phase, arms down. It is good. It is one of the crucial iconic bits of Simpsons historical past, length. From starting to finish, it is hilarious and stuffed with memorable moments and contours. “Do not blame me, I voted for Kodos” is without doubt one of the quintessential Simpsons traces. Because of the ability of “Citizen Kang” that is the most efficient of all of the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes. Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!

What is your favourite “Treehouse of Horror” episode? Let’s speak about within the feedback…

Be aware: This tale was once up to date with the newest Treehouse of Horror episode as of October 28, 2022. It at first ran on April 15, 2018.

Chris Morgan is the creator of The Ash Heap of Historical past and The Comedian Galaxy of Thriller Science Theater 3000. Correctly or no longer, he is additionally on Twitter.


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