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Weed VS Dab Pen | BammerTV

Welcome back to BammerTV! On this exciting episode, we review the differences between weed and vape cartridge pens. source

Vaporite Whip Vaporizer Review

Whats up guys? Here is our review on the Vaporite whip vaporizer. Definitely one of the better whip style vaporizers. You can buy … source

I Forced Myself To Get Addicted To Vape

(I’m afraid of women tees) Getting myself addicted to vape was not something I Imagined doing but when … source

How to use CBD E-Liquids

Ever wondered how to use our CBD E-liquids? A flavorsome, handy way to take your CBD on the go, they’re the perfect way to … source

Vaping: The Hit Your Brain Takes

Vaping: The Hit Your Brain Takes” debunks common myths about vaping and boils down the science on the real harms of … source

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