Vuse ePod 2+ REFLEKTA Limited Edition Device




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The all-new ePod 2+ is right here, redesigned to energy your ePod enjoy.


That includes a quick fee, bluetooth connection and get right of entry to to the app which unlocks an international of additional options to take your vaping enjoy one step additional.

Obtain App

Tool lock secures your ePod 2+ so no person however you has get right of entry to.

See the place your ePod 2+ used to be final synced with In finding My Vape at the myVuse app.

Regulate your vapour cloud measurement with cloud regulate immediately within the myVuse app


Activate recharge reminder* at the myVuse app so you can by no means be with out energy.


To obtain the My Vuse app on an Android instrument, click on the button underneath.

Set up App


To obtain the My Vuse app on a IOS instrument,


apply the stairs underneath.


MyVuse App is powered by way of the Nuviu app and can also be put in on iOS 14.5 and more moderen.


To take complete regulate of your ePod 2+, please apply those directions in moderation:

Step 1

Click on

to obtain and set up the Nuviu app from the app retailer.


A customized app created to benefit from the myVuse app enjoy.

Obtain App

Step 2

As soon as downloaded and put in, open the Nuviu app and grant get right of entry to to Bluetooth.


Notice that you simply will have to permit Bluetooth to pair your ePod 2+ instrument.

Step 3

Reproduction this hyperlink

and paste it in Nuviu’s URL bar.

Step 4

Proceed following in-app steps to arrange the MYVUSE APP in Nuviu and don’t fail to remember so as to add it for your bookmarks.


Were given questions? We have responded one of the crucial maximum not unusual questions in our


Touch Us



For complete Privateness Insurance policies on MyVuse App,

click on right here


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