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The Last E-Liquid Company – LEC – Chewy Mango Peach – 120ml


Please Learn Notes

Chewy Frozen Mango Peach is a pleasant Mango / Peach Combine with simply the precise contact of mint

To be had in 0, 3, 6 Power 120ml

80 VG / 20 PG

Made in an ECTA compliant laboratory. To the perfect degree of high quality the usage of NicSelect Nicotine and North American sourced components.


Because of the character of Max VG E-Liquid and the bottles for the 120ml measurement, a building up of drive is conceivable within the spout of the bottle which can result in the spout coming out. Please make sure that you workout due diligence for your most popular E-Liquid, making sure to take preventive measures in fending off this with the following pointers. Ecig Canada Zone holds no duty in protection of juice within the match of a bottle coming out the spout all through filling of a tank because of drive building up within the spout.

1) Minimize a bit of from the end of the spout, for a much broader opening, if wishing to extend the waft of the juice for a fast tank fill. This may also be accomplished via stretching the end wider via wedging a nail like object into the end.

2) When doubtful if the spout is positioned totally, tighten the lid down after opening firmly and securely. If the spout isn’t down totally, this may occasionally do the trick.




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