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HONEYPUFF Fruit Flavored Hemp Wraps


Fine quality subject material: HONEYPUFF King Dimension Rolling Papers are made the use of fine-quality papers and natural vegan gum with none GMOs to give you a natural, herbal product in your smoking combination.

6 Nice flavors: Revel in your smokes in a candy approach. To give a boost to your smoking revel in, those papers are made the use of fruit extract in 15 other flavors. Exchange between blueberry, strawberry, chocolate and extra.

Sluggish-burning price: You’re certain to revel in your smoking combination each time. Those rolling papers advertise a easy, slow-burning price so you’ll be able to savor your smoke from the primary puff till the very final.

Eco-friendly papers: You don’t have to fret about clean-up or harming the surroundings. Natural and herbal, those rolling papers are 100% biodegradable and environmentally pleasant for additonal comfort.
Prime High quality Herbal Wooden

The Dimension of Rolling Paper : King Dimension
Prime High quality Herbal Wooden
2 Sheets and Guidelines according to Booklet
100% Tobacco Unfastened
100% Natural Hemp
GMO Unfastened
Re-usable sealed pouch


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