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Glass Screen For Dry Herb Vaporizers 5pcs


Glass Display For Dry Leaf Vaporizers

Prevent combusting and get started vaping – Glass Display Filter out for Atmos Uncooked Rx, Atmos Jr, Atmos R2, and Mak, AGO G5, and Snoop Dogg Pens

The glass display screen clear out is helping save you moveable vaporizer pens, such because the Atmos Uncooked Rx / Jr / R2, In the past G5, Snoop Dogg dry herb vaporizers, from combusting and improves vaporization.

In spite of being categorized dry herb vaporizers, maximum moveable pens in fact combust herbs on touch. It’s because the heating coils make direct touch with the herbs, which naturally reasons them to burn.

A pitcher display screen clear out acts as a barrier between the Dry Leaf and the heating coils. This permits for vaporization thru conduction. The glass display screen is heated through the coils, after which the Dry Leaf are heated through the glass display screen. This then reasons the herbs to provide vapor that you’ll inhale.

SOLD In 5 pack


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