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Which e-cigarette should I purchase?

There is a large variety of models of e-cigarettes on the market. Unbeknownst to some, the majority of these are the same device, rebranded with different names. For the sake of simplicity, we will use the model numbers to make our recommendations.

The most popular (and easiest to use) three e-cigarettes, in no particular order are the Joye 510, DSE 901, and the KR808. All three are available with automatic or manual batteries.

The Joye 510 is a three-piece design (Battery, atomizer, and separate cartridge). It is generally believed to give a strong throat hit and is easy to drip into. 
The DSE 901 is another three-piece design. It is said to be slightly easier for new users, easy to top off, has decent battery life, and functions reliably. 
The KR808 is a two-piece design (Battery and combination *cartridge-atomizer). It usually has a longer battery life (5-6 hours), its cartridges last quite a while (150-200 puffs), and they can be refilled. 

*a combination cartridge-atomizer is most often called a “cartomizer”.

No matter which type of e-cigarette you decide on, make sure your first kit comes with at least two batteries and one atomizer (two would be better). That way, you can be charging one battery while you are using the other. You should also consider purchasing some e-liquid to refill you cartridges. Eventually, you will want to have several atomizers and batteries on hand at all times.

Am I going to be saving money by switching to such a device?
Yes! You will certainly be saving money by switching to an electronic cigarette. Obviously not everyone has had the same cigarette habit, but it is easier to use an example to demonstrate the possible savings:
The average price of one pack of cigarettes in the USA is about $5.00. For a pack a day smoker, that is $35 per week. This pack a day smoker will probably go through 1 to 2 milliliters of e-liquid per day and some brands of e-liquid retail for as little as 45¢ per milliliter. Now you are down to 45¢-90¢ per day. That is $3.15 - $6.30 per week. Atomizers, given a period of 2 weeks lifespan will cost you approximately $16 per month. This brings the habit total for a one pack a day smoker to about $28.60-$41.20 per month! That averages out to $105.10 savings each month over regular cigarettes. However, savings will vary depending on how much you are enjoying your vaping experience. Some of us love to collect things and need to have one of every thing. In that case, you’ll probably break even.

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