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What is the difference between a manual and automatic 510 battery?

The manual 510 battery has a button on its side that you push and hold to activate the heating element.  The automatic battery has a sensor in the top (a tiny hole) that senses when you start to draw and activates the battery.


There are pros and cons to both options.


The automatic 510 battery:

The automatic battery gives you hands free control of your device, and it most accurately simulates a real cigarette.  However there are a few downsides to the automatic battery.  First, the automatic batteries are susceptible to failure if e-liquid is allowed to get inside of the sensor hole.  It is very important to ensure you do not over fill your e-cigarette, which will cause e-liquid to get onto your battery. 

The second downfall to the automatic battery is control. If you are taking a very light draw of your e-cigarette, or if you are at the very end of your draw, the battery may not sense enough airflow and shutoff before your draw is completely done. 


The manual 510 battery:

The manual 510 battery has a sealed battery, meaning there are no issues with e-liquid getting inside of the battery.  IT allows you complete control of your e-cigarette, as your heating element will stay on as long as you hold the button, allowing you to 'prime' your e-cigarette by pushing the button just a second or two before starting your draw, and holding the button through the duration of your draw. 


Which battery is best?

There is no right answer for this, but I generally recommend manual batteries over automatic batteries.  It is a bit funny at first learning to push and hold the button as you vape, however you will quickly get used to this.