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What are some accessories that are typically available for an electronic cigarette?

A few accessories come with certain starter-kits for these electronic cigarettes. Everyone knows what a car charger is, and what a wall charger is, but you will probably be unfamiliar with a PCC and a USB Passthrough.

What is a “USB Passthrough”?
A passthrough is a device that is used in place of a battery. It has a wire attached that plugs into a USB port to draw power. Like batteries, there are a few different types of passthroughs. There are manual as well as automatic passthroughs and in addition to that, there are passthroughs that use inline batteries and ones that do not.


Passthrough devices that use inline batteries are actually battery powered. The battery supplies the power to the atomizer, but the battery is constantly charging when connected to a USB power source. This insures that when you use it connected to a USB you are always running of a fully charged battery and will consistently provide the same experience as using your PV with a fully charged stock battery.

Passthrough devices that use a direct line to the USB are capable of delivering higher voltage than a standard battery. This can sometimes mean the atomizer will heat a little hotter and the device will produce a little more 'kick'. Bear in mind that not all passthroughs are made equal and performance can vary.

What is a “PCC”?
A PCC is a Personal Charging Case that you carry with you. It is similar in size and shape to a pack of cigarettes, albeit slightly more slim. Typically, they will hold one battery, two atomizers, and two cartridges. The PCC has an internal battery, which is charged via USB port or using a wall plug. It is a great item to have, as it will keep your e-cig charged on the go, when you cannot be tied to a power source. Usually you can expect one to recharge your e-cig battery three or four times before the PCC itself requires re-charging.

Other Accessories
You will find, as you venture further into your new e-cigarette hobby that there are other less important items that you may want. Most of them involve charging batteries. There are USB chargers, cigarette lighter-to-USB chargers for your car, power packs such as a Kensington or ZAGG to use with your passthrough. There are even vinyl skins that you can apply to make your e-cigarette battery look cool. Most of these can be done without or can be bought over time to lessen your expenses when you first get started. 

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