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Troubleshooting your e-Cigarette and components

Troubleshooting your e-Cigarette and components

Sometimes things just don't want to work the way they should. Here are a few tips and tricks to remember.

First of all the lithium-ion batteries in our e-Cigarettes do not require an initial charge despite what the instructions and other resellers tell you. Lithium-ion technology has no memory and the batteries are shipped to you with about a 90% charge. You can use them right out of the box! Pre-charging them will have no effect on the lifespan or performance of the batteries. You are only prolonging the time it will take you to enjoy your e-Cigarette!

Atomizer tips:

I got my new e-Cigarette and it worked for a minute or two and then quit making any vapor - make sure you replaced the dummy cap in the atomizer with a filled sample cartridge that came with your kit! The cap that comes with new atomizers and kits contains no liquid!

Atomizer gets very hot but doesn't produce any or much vapor - your atomizer is probably dry. Try adding 2-3 drops of e-Liquid directly inside the center of the atomizer.

Atomizer gets warm but doesn't produce any or much vapor - your atomizer probably has too much e-Liquid inside it and cannot fully heat up. Try placing the open end of the atomizer into a papertowel and blow through the battery connector end as hard as you can. This will force the excess out of the atomizer. Also make sure your battery is fully charged or swap it with another known good battery.

Atomizer is cold and doesn't produce any vapor - your atomizer has probably burnt out and needs replaced. Occasionally the center contact between the battery and atomizer doesn't touch. Take a small paperclip and gently pry that center contact up on the atomizer and the battery. Don't pry too hard because you can pop it out of the grommet holding it in place. If this doesn't fix your cold atomizer then it probably is bad and needs replaced.

Atomizer works fine but I get a plastic burnt taste in my mouth - your cartridge is low on e-Liquid or has been used many times and needs replaced. Also make sure the poly fill has not stuck to the atomizer bridge. If you notice fine little threads on the inside of the atomizer try to remove them carefully. This only applies to standard atomizers - do -NOT- remove any threads from inside the 510-T, eGo-T or eGo-C atomizers or they can be permanently damaged. Please do not "dry burn" any atomizer in an attempt to "fix" or "clean" it. This usually only results in burnt flavor.

Battery tips:

Battery will not hold a charge for very long - batteries do have a life span and unless this battery is new it probably needs replaced. We get a lot of charge cycles out of our batteries however the manufacturer states they are good for 300 charge and discharge cycles.

Battery charges fine and the LED lights up but I get no vapor - go through the atomizer check list above and check the center contact on the battery.

Battery lights up but then flashes while taking a drag - you are reaching the cut off of the battery which is typically 5 seconds. If you need a long drag we suggest going to a manual pushbutton battery or USB passthrough which has a longer draw time.

Battery flashes rapidly and I get no vapor when I take a puff - the battery is low and needs recharged.

Battery does not light up or do anything when I take a puff - battery is probably bad and needs replaced.

Battery activates on its own - this is often common with automatic batteries. One solution is to take the ash end and literally give it a good hard couple of taps on a hard surface. You can also put your mouth over the battery connector and put as much air pressure as possible on it. This forces the switch mechanism back into its proper position. Be sure not to get any saliva inside the battery. Do not poke paperclips or other items inside the battery nor use compressed air. This can permanently damage the switch. Also make sure you are not storing your batteries in pockets or other places with a lot of dust. Pocket lint can and will get inside the battery opening and cause the switch to malfunction. The battery can also occasionally get a small amount of liquid inside it which causes it to malfunction. Often when these batteries are returned to us they work fine when they arrive. We attribute this to them having a little time to dry out so we might suggest you set the battery somewhere safe and just allow it to sit for a day or two. Battery gets extremely hot when using or charging - this is a sign the battery has a serious internal problem. DO NOT THROW IT IN THE TRASH! Set it someplace that it will not pose a fire risk such as a granite counter top. Please give us a call for proper disposal instructions.

Battery charger tips:

I connected my new e-Cigarette battery to the e-Cigarette battery charger and the charger status light turned green within a few minutes - most e-Cigarette batteries come with about a 90% charge on them already. Nothing is wrong, just enjoy your e-Cigarette!

Battery charger LED is flickering red and green rapidly - this just means the battery is near being fully charged.

USB battery charger LED is flickering red and blue rapidly - this just means the battery is near being fully charged.

The LED on my USB charger never turns green - the LED on the USB chargers turns blue when the charge cycle is complete.

I bought xxxx color LED batteries but when I put them in my charger they flash another color - our DSE batteries are dual color. They have a primary use color and secondary color which is for "report messages".

The button in my manual pushbutton battery or USB passthrough keeps popping out or falling inside the tube - you only need to apply enough pressure to make the switch click. Avoid putting your manual pushbutton batteries into pockets or other places which will grab the button and possibly pull it out.


How many times can I refill my cartridges? Cartridge life depends a lot on how dry you let them become during use. A dry atomizer burns hot and can break down the fiber in the cartridge fairly quick. Keep your cartridges topped off often. If you begin to notice the fiber breaking down or becoming discolored (somewhat burnt) then it is definately time to toss it in the trash and put a new one in.

I keep getting liquid in my mouth! This is caused by two things. Overfilling and drawing way too hard. Remove the cartridge and wipe the excess liquid off of it. Blow your atomizer out as described above in the atomizers section. You only want the cartridge top to appear wet. You don't want a puddle of juice. Also take a nice slow draw from your e-Cigarette. It's a little different from what you are used to!