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Ecig Canada Zone Electronic Cigarette Testimonials
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We take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service and superior quality products! Our Ecig Canada products have been shipped to customers throughout Canada and the USA. Here is what some of our satisfied customers are saying about our products.

Some retailers are faceless corporations. No so with ECIG CANADA ZONE. Over the past three years that I’ve dealt with ECIG, I’ve had lots of questions and 1 issue. To my amazement, my emails are always answered by Georgina the same day I send them... even at night. She always has a solution. It’s that kind of personal service, combined with great products, that has made ECIG my supplier of choice.

Stephen.W, Markham, Ontario

I received my order only 2 days after shipping, and that's with the free shipping! Very happy with the products and the service of the website. will definitely continue to use this company.

For the last year I have been ordering from Ecig Canada Zone. Not only do I get an awesome loyalty discount but the customer service is great. The prices are cheaper than pretty much all the other vape places I've looked at, so much so that the shipping cost doesn't even matter, and it's not expensive anyways. They are great to their loyal customers and send little gifts now and again and even sent a gift and a coupon code! The orders always come on time and their products are consistently good; so good that it got both me and my boyfriend to quit smoking. I love the variety of flavours and how they keep the reviews honest on all of them. Overall, probably the best vape place to order from!

Not sure if this is the place to put my testimonial but..here goes..first of all a huge SHOUT OUT to Georgina Altec and the Ecig team for the superb customer service i ever had. I cannot see anyone going anywhere else but here. I have referred at least 5-8 people so far to this sight and rising. Thank you so much Ecig team. You are all the best in my books. 

I can't say enough good things about Ecig Canada Zone.If your looking to quit smoking don't waste your time going anywhere else These guys have everything you need from expert advice and the latest vape accessories to the best tasting e-juice in town. They are all very friendly and awesome customer service always willing to assist.

Just a shout out ... A big thank you to all you guys ... order arrived prompt and perfect as always ... incredible service ... vaping on the (caramel-mocha) ... amazing ... lol .. Thanks again ...


I got the replacement egrip yesterday and it works perfectly. Thanks so much for taking care of this for me. Your excellent customer service is appreciated. 


Absolutely great price on the eGo-c starter kit. Much cheaper than another site I was looking at. All pieces arrived in their original packages. The free case I got when I purchased the other bottles of e-juice was a very welcome bonus.

The shipping was very fast. Placed my order Sunday, had it arrive on Tuesday (used the upgraded shipping option). To top it all off, I used the coupon code for 10% off.

You honestly can\'t beat the value this site has to offer. Will definitely make my next purchase from here!

Hassle free shopping, ordered, paid, recieved in 5 days. Well packaged and no damage, very satisfied with product.

I was absolutely satisfied with my experiece with your online store. Very knowledgeable, friendly and honest. 

My second purchase and it went as smoothly as the first. Quality products, and fast and inexpensive shipping.

LOVE LOVE LOVE ecig canada zone...best help and customer care. Merry Christmas to my favorite person ..(and the team) who takes damn good care of myself and hubby. Georgina Altec. Hugs'


Good afternoon Georgina:

I would like to inform you that the Tanks which I had ordered arrived this afternoon. 

The Tanks work very well, and I am satisfied with my order.

I shall keep you in mind for my future E-Cigarette needs, and would like to thank you for your service, and your professionalism.



Fantastic. Thank you so much Georgina.

By the way I tried the Aspire items, they're great. I'll be ordering the Aspire mini tank soon. 

Great service.



Thanks for the great service so far. Love the product.

Ed G

You guys are unbelievable with the quality and speed of your shipping!!! I do a lot of online shopping and no one, big or small comes even close to you. Refreshing too deal with a decent group for a change.. Christine A

I must thank you for getting both my orders perfect and for the quality products you've provided me with. These e-cigs are awesome! Already, I feel my lungs getting healthier, I can breathe easier, and I've suddenly got much more energy than I had when I smoked. I have been able to switch instantly and completely from cigarettes to e-cigs without any cravings whatsoever. I plan to use these e-cigs to gradually cut down and eventually quit altogether.

I have passed on all four of the business cards you gave me to other smokers who expressed interest in my e-cig. I expect that at least two of them will switch to e-cigs. Feel free to send more business cards. They fit right in my Ecig Canada Zone case most conveniently.


Thanks again!
Jenny K.

I wanted to give a comparison for anyone who has doubts on who is the best E-juice provider. ecigcanadazone.com WINS hand down. I ordered from both Canada Ejuice VS Ecig Canada Zone at the same time. I chose the basic delivery from  Ecig Canada Zone that is $10.00 and paid $50.00 express from Canada E Juice. ecigcanadazone.com delivered 2 days ahead of the $50.00 express delivery from Canada E-Juice. Lets talk about the juice. I will ONLY ever order from Ecig Canada Zone from now on. Quality E-Juice that tastes absolutely amazing and you can tell is made with love. No complaints, have been vaping for 3 months and now smoke free! Quality customer service and they reply immediately to inquiries. Hand written thank you's and quality business cards. So if you are looking for truly the best E-juice supplier in Canada there is no other place to turn then ecigcanadazone.com!! Awesome job guys!

You guys are unbelievable with the quality and speed of your shipping!!! I do a lot of online shopping and no one, big or small comes even close to you. Refreshing to deal with a decent group for a change.. Dave B.

 I must thank you for getting both my orders perfect and for the quality products you've provided me with. These e-cigs are awesome! Already, I feel my lungs getting healthier, I can breathe easier, and I've suddenly got much more energy than I had when I smoked. I have been able to switch instantly and completely from cigarettes to e-cigs without any cravings whatsoever. I plan to use these e-cigs to gradually cut down and eventually quit altogether.

I have passed on all four of the business cards you gave me to other smokers who expressed interest in my e-cig. I expect that at least two of them will switch to e-cigs. Feel free to send more business cards. They fit right in my Ecigcanadazone case most conveniently.

Thanks again!

Georgina at EcigCanadaZone is just amazing. You'll never experience customer service like this. She replied quickly to emails. She helped me by replacing a broken part in a clearomizer and even sent me a free one on top of the replacement one. Ecig Canada Zone is the place to buy all of your ecig needs without any hesitations.  Diane.F


I just want to let you know Georgina that your company has the best customer service I have ever experienced online or other.  I am a business owner myself and strive everyday to do the same.  Its class 101 on how to stay in business. It is a pleasure dealing with all of  you.  As I'm sure you have many other customers you deal with everyday.  I hope this e-mail  stands out as the compliment I mean it to be...

I haven't had a cigarette in almost a week and really did forget how good it feels not to smoke cigarettes.  Its been 20 years plus.  Also thank you for sending me a new ce5 clearomizer with no questions asked.  Its was very much appreciated.  You guys have an amazing day.  Probably going to order something else today : )



Best regards.



Mathieu L.


You guys are unbelievable with the quality and speed of your shipping!!! I do a lot of online shopping and no one, big or small comes even close to you. Refreshing to deal with a decent group for a change.. Chris A


I would like to let you know that you to know that you and your staff are one of the most efficient & customer friendly on-line service providers I have ever dealt with.  Thank–you again. Best,  Sheila  Epp


Thanks for all you help we haven't had a smoke in 5 1/2 months just had my physical alls good and no more weasing when i sleep thanks again steve & amber

Hello there folks @ Ecig Canada, I received my order this morning. Wow! Your service is quick!

Really awesome service Georgina and who ever else is involved.  This is my very first E-Cig. I am really enjoying the EC4 E-Cig. I'm Stoked!  I know I will be able to ditch my smoking habit for good with the help of this device. I usually smoke 25-30 smokes per day. Only smoked 4 today.  For me, this is a big deal.  Thank you for the sample e-liquid. I like it better than the one I chose.
Once again, awesome service.
Cheers, L.J.

No one ships this fast. You guys are awesome! You have definitely made a life-long customer in me. :D


Aiden R.

Your product strangely enough...WORKS, I was a chain smoker 2 weeks ago. 

My son bought me a Mini BCC, after a failed attempt at befriending the EMO model 

(did not work for me/not as user friendly).

Just want to thank you - this is quite unexpected, little bit of a nail biter yesterday, as I only had a few drops left of my E Liquid, ordered yesterday Thursday afternoon, and could not believe that I received it Friday afternoon (TODAY) in the mail. Thanks so much for incredible service. Regular cigarettes really taste bad to me now, and I didn't want to go back to them. Can't believe this, I started smoking about 10 years ago - THANK YOU - YOU'RE THE REAL DEAL. Happy Customer. Abbie.



I can’t thank you enough for providing such an incredible product and service.  I’ve been a pack a day smoker for 50 years.  I was very sceptical and fully prepared for disappointment but decided to go ahead.  Wow, bam, holy cow was I wrong!  One puff of the e-cigarette and that’s the end of my smelly nasty smoking habit. I was floored by the smooth delivery of the e-juice.  No more coughing, no more having to clear my throat every 10 minutes and best of all no more nasty smell.  I’m busy contacting every smoker I know and passing on my story.  I love this product and will never go back to traditional cigarettes.  Peggy B., Crofton, BC


Just a quick comment on your speed of service. Placed my order on Aug 5, order shipped on the 6th, received it on the 7th. I've never received any item that I've ordered online this quickly. Thanks :)  Brett B.



I am a new and very happy customer of Ecig Canada Zone. I've purchased the EGO-C for myself and I am very pleased with the product and Georgina's super fast shipping. Georgina at Ecig Canada pointed out different ways that I can use the EGO-C and provided me with suggestions before I placed my order. If Georgina recommends something to you, he is honestly trying to help, take her advice as she knows what she is doing. I look forward to dealing with Ecig Canada for years to come. 



-Marie G, Ontario






I was sure I saw a testimonial page, but I can't find it now. I just wanted to thank you for your



 extremely prompt, professional and friendly service. 



I appreciate the extras you do. There is no reason for me to shop anywhere else, and if 



I can send anybody else your way, I definitely will.  



You are making my quitting smoking a lot easier! I may actually do it this time! - Monique




Got my order and I really love the Canada Rich. Its one of those flavors that you can't 



really describe but love. 



And the Dunhill is great as well. Thanks for the suggestion! As well, thanks yet again 



for superior products, 



customer service and most important, to me at least, your honesty and integrity!  - Tim



I find your service amazing! I can't believe how fast the orders get to me. - Pam



Thank you very much for the excellent service.  I received my device in
this morning's mail.



And I am impressed. I bought a pack of smokes (I've been smoking Captain Black cigars lately) this morning and I believe it may be the last pack I'll ever buy. I'm 48 years old and I've been smoking since I was 13. I have tried to quit... tried Champix even, with variable results. The last time I tried to quit I decided I was a smoker and likely to go to my grave a smoker. This e-cigarette is very nice. I am surprised at the nice smoky puffs and the throat feel it provides, those were things that worried me. But I can even blow smoke rings with this I like it so much I wonder if I should have purchased some weaker e-liquid (I went for the strongest stuff) so I can enjoy puffing on it more. I had a little trouble with leakage at first. Maybe I overfilled it? Dunno... I will play with it a bit, I am good with this sort of thing. Also, thank you for the free sample of Canadian Rich. Satisfied customer, James S.





Thank you for the speedy delivery of my e-liquid. That was my first purchase from you and I am very happy with your service!
I will be a repeat customer for sure! - Blake, Victoria BC.





WOW! Georgina, GREAT service AND for a holiday Monday.  I think this is the beginning of a long and fun venture with you!

Have a sweet day! - Mario


Thank you for the wonderful products and customer service you provide and enjoy the rest of your long weekend as well :) Jenny Q.




If I have any concerns I will definitely contact you before leaving feedback. Thanks for the quick reply and the link with instructions. I'm sure it will come in handy.
I'm also going to try to get my daughter and mother to start vaping. I will let them try my system. If they like it they will prob both go through me as my daughter never has any money and my dear old mom thinks internet banking is the devil (or something like that).
Anyway here's hoping we will all be vaping soon and no longer smoking! (Or at least cutting down!)  Cheers and thanks for superhuman service! - Marie




I had to give them five stars
"The juice is righteous.. Ecig Canada Zone has got it goin... I'm finally done buying cigarettes after cigarettes.. ECZ Electronic Cigarettes are the best tobacco products!!!! ... My voice is coming back and I don't get the "you smell like an ash trey" treatment anymore..."


Great customer service
"Concerned staff..satisfied customer... Thanks for the experience.. this is the keeper.. best brand I've tried by far..."


"I switched from Blu, which burns out and loses flavor quickly. Had one shipping error, but it was remedied at no cost with no questions asked. Superior product with awesome vapor flavors."

"I bought the Storm 2.0 starter kit, best choice I've ever made ! 2 packs a day smoker, Wouldn't go back to traditional cigarettes!"

The Best
"This company is absolutely the best. I have tried several e-cigarettes and non of them can compare to the Ecig Canada Zone storm. There are several stores here in Albuquerque that sell e-ciggs for much cheaper but I prefer to purchase them from Ecig Canada Zone because they just simply work that much better. Other atomizers burn out where Ecig Canada Zone atomizers will last months and months. I have also tried to find good e-liquid where I live and nothing beats Ecig Canada Zone liquids. The customer service is excellent. I bought the USB direct battery and It was missing the internal chargeable battery and they shipped me another one with no question for free. I have been buying from this site for about a year and that was the only mistake. They also send cool free stuff sometimes like a small cloth case for my e-cig. I save so much money compared to buying traditional cigarettes. All of my purchases arrive fast with free shipping! Keep up the good work guys! A++"

Mary Matheys
"I just purchased my first Storm Clearomizer Kit and I love it. I have an e-cig which I really didn't like, it was harsh and the battery didn't last that long. This Ecig Canada Zone is outstanding and not harsh at all. I was a little taken aback by how big this is, but you get used to it and I like that it shows the battery strength. I quite smoking the real cigs for about 6 years and wanted to stop, well the e-cig didn't really do the trick, I think this Ecig Canada Zone Storm will do the trick, tired of smelling like a cigarette and having people give me dirty looks, plus I want to be healthy. Glad I found your website! You guys rock and I will become a loyal customer! This was a fantastic buy and worth the money!"

Kathleen Dix
"I am annoyed that you haven't done any advertising so that I could be enjoying these ecigs before now! I was using Blu and not enjoying the experience at all. When buying refills, another store customer asked if I had ever tried Vapor. I found a local Vapor store in Conway, SC and have enjoyed Vapor from the first puff. You have a real winner here!"

"I started using electronic cigarette's to try and stop smoking. Ecig Canada Zone was the first brand I tried at first. After trying other brands I noticed that the BEST Ecigarette out there was Ecig Canada Zone! The blend of eliquids don't compare to them other brands. It's truely an enjoyable taste! I had gone on vacation and ran out of my Ecig Canada Zone liquids and purchased on of those you would pick up at a smoke shop and i couldn't believe the difference! I couldn't wait to get back and purchase my eliquids from Ecig Canada Zone. I must also say that the customer service is the best! Thank you Zack and Isia for your prompt service and excellent customer service you guys are the BEST!!!!"

Ecig Canada Zone storm
"yes my names Corey and I've been smoking since the ages 16 I just got my Ecig Canada Zonetoday and I just want to say I freaking love it"


Fantastic product
Barbara Cheatham

"I purchased the Storm 2.0 starter kit at the end of Apr. 2013. I received it and charged my batteries. On May 4, 2013 I started using the e-cig. After being a smoker for 45 years, I Quit. I love your product. I tried several others and they did not perform like yours. I get the throat hit, the ease and amount of vapor. I no longer smell like a cigarette, I can smell again, I can breath again. I am in LOVE! Great customer service. Thank you....only wish I could buy the product locally."


Ecig Canada Zone Rocks
"I ordered a Ecig Canada Zone starter kit and was amazed at how well it worked and how long the battery charge and cartridge lasted. Great Buy!"


Patrick Robertson
"WOW, I am so impressed with this companies customer service and policies. Not only do they provide some of the best E-Cigs & E-Juice in North America, but they also stand by their product so strongly that they have sent me out 2 new clearomizers because they gave me 2 in the wrong color by accident, and they let me keep the 2 clearomizer tanks that were the wrong color. They have also shipped me out a replacement battery with no extra charge and no need to return the defective one. These guys sure know how to treat a customer, and that is why I have been telling all my friends about Ecig Canada Zone's website. I am so happy I found this company because the customer is ALWAYS right and they know it! I can't stress it enough, about how impressed I am with their customer service and amazing products they provide. I am now a customer for life and I'm sure a couple of my friends will be too soon enough... Thank you so very much Ecig Canada Zone!!!"


"This thing is off the hook I love it so much I been smoking 14years an now I got this an in 2r3 weeks I only had 2 sigs an I like the storm better then a sig I will tell everyone I see to try it I already got 2 ppl that is going to get one :) I just wish the big bottles came in more flavors an was a lil cheaper"


james mccallister
"Just received my STORM starter kit. What an incredible difference from my cotton cartridges. I am very very pleased with my purchase. Great shipping time. I could go on and on. This baby produces SERIOUS VAPOR."


great customer service
"The customer service is awesome they don't make you feel like you're being a problem and help you with what ever you need. i called and made an order literally 1 minute later they call to let me know they where out of stock on a flavor and asked if i would like to change that, or get a refund. Overall the easiest place to order online. I just wish you guys had more stock!"


Charles A. England JR
""Great product!, long, long lasting. The new refillable Clearomizer, are great also. "Love it. Was given to me as a gift. I haven't smoked in 2 months and have no desire. Saving money smelling better and breathing easier. Thank you" "You may save my life! I have been a heavy smoker for almost 3 decades and have tried every other alternative on the market plus all the old tricks, to quit smoking. I purchased mine over 30 days ago, and have been smoke free sense!!! I am breathing so much better already and have not craved a cigarette. You have a miracle product! Great favors to choose from, and the total cigarette experience, including throat hit, without the horrible chemicals and side effects. Thank you very much. I will be spreading my opinion on my blog and social networks!""


storm 2.0
"LOVE IT! Haven't smoked for 2 months. Wasn't using it right at first. Made me cough. Almost gave up. Think I was trying to find an excuse to have a cigarette but, I figured it out. HAPPY!"


Better than I ever expected.
George Hartley
"Originally thought I'd be using the storm to cut back on 30 years of smoking. After 1 day I am finding this product to be more enjoyable than smoking real cigarettes. I have never experienced an easier way to get away from tobacco. I love this thing!"


Excellent customer service!
"The guys I spoke with were friendly and extremely helpful. I received my order quickly and am very satisfied with the Storm 2.0 clearomizer. I would recommend this product and Company to anyone who wishes to switch from smoking to vaping. My lungs are already thanking me!!!!"


"This is a must buy. Nobody beats Ecig Canada Zone's products or prices. Have no complaints about them what so ever. If your looking for quality products and prices....look no further because you're on the right site!!"


Great producy
"I love my Ecig Canada Zone storm with clearomizer. It has helped me complely quit smoking and looks cool. It is fun to use and Ecig Canada Zone offers many excellent flavors.I visit the electronic cigarettes inc. Store in Binghamton often to buy parts and e juices. The customer service is phenomenal and the prices are great. I have become an e cig fanatic."


Found a Diamond in the Rough
James de Mattos
"Dear VK: I found a Ecig Canada Zone 650 mAH Storm sticking out of the mud when I was attending a huge concert (2013 Carolina Rebellion) It was scratched and abused, had thousands of people stepping on it as they were angrily exiting the rained-out concert, the battery connection was askew, the attached CE-5 clearomizer was shattered. I picked it up, cleaned it off, and pressed the connector back in the battery housing. It worked flawlessly. Since then, I have purchased three Ego brand-name 900 mAH batteries. This Storm battery has already outlasted TWO of the THREE. The Storm battery has acquired a pink rusty patina around the buttons band, which I've grown to appreciate and use as bragging rights. I use it because not only do I have fond memories attached to it, but because the button tells me the charge left (white, blue, red) and it has never, ever failed me. Because of this, I recommend you guys SOLEY because of quality. Will be placing an order for a kit very soon. Thank you."


Shavon and Steve Sapowsky
"My husband and I have been trying to quit cigarettes for YEARS- gum, chantix, you name it, we've tried it- and we have always gone back to smoking. Now that we have our Storms, we have zero desire to go back to regular cigarettes and we have both been smokers for over 10 years. (They really taste disgusting to us after sampling tasty eliquid!) It's been two months now and we are noticing how much more money we have now that we don't buy packs all the time. Yes, it's a larger up front cost to get started, but it is worth it many times over once you realize how much you save vs regular cigs. We don't start our mornings hacking up phlegm anymore, and are healthier and happier. It's also nice not feeling like bad parents knowing all the health risks we expose to our children. THANK YOU Ecig Canada Zone"


Awesome customer service and awesome product!
Bethany Hellinger
"2 weeks ago I ordered a battery and atomizer that did not work. I of course threw the package away before I realized it. I emailed the company and automatically they sent me new ones free of charge. I cannot appreciate it enough! When I started using the cigarette, I bought from the kiosk in the mall. When they closed I was nervous about having to order from the website since its always been a hassle on OTHER websites. However, I was wrong and I've had no problems ordering from your site and always receive my order in 3 days. This July marks 2 years of using your electronic cigarettes and I have received nothing but great customer service! Ecig Canada Zone has changed my life and I couldn't be happier. I was tired of smoking, the coughing, having trouble breathing, the smell and my son having to be around it. I took my weekly cigarette money and bought a starter kit. Best decision in my life. That night I completely stopped smoking real cigarettes. Only after a few weeks I could already see the changes in how I felt and could breathe. I never had the desire to smoke a real cigarette and honestly hated the smell and taste since I switched! So thank you for changing my life and making such an amazing product that works!"

"Tried every electric cigs. The best and I have not smoked in 4 months and regular cigs for r 25 yrs. Thank u"

The One of The Best Thing That Has Happen To Me In Tlhe Last 50 Years
G. Daryl (D.Q.) Quinn

Kim Plourde
"I love you Ecig Canada Zone. You've saved my life. I've been using your products since 2/26/13. I haven't had a real cigarette since. Went to see my Pulmanologist to check my oxygen levels. My oxygen level went up to 93%. I don't have to wear oxygen. Anyone I know who wants to quit smoking, I send them to your website. For those of you who think their prices are too high. Just think how much cheaper it is in the long run than buying cigarettes."

Wonderful cigarettes
Brenda gollihue
"my husband has mouth cancer his doctor told him he had to quite smoking. So I got him Ecig Canada Zones electronic cigarettes. It has been7mounths and he quite smoking with these cigarettes thank god for them. He has told a lot of people about them he even showed his doctor the doctor all his patients about them . Sooooo thank you Ecig Canada Zone for these wonderful cigarettes . Brenda and Charles gollihue"


why I switched
Rebecca Trammell

"I have been using a generic brand e-cig now for about three weeks and I have still wanted that normal cigarette so I switched to Ecig Canada Zone storm and have been puffing on that all day now and have yet to want that regular cigarette. I am sold on the Ecig Canada Zone storm and I do believe that I will no longer want another regular cigarette again. I can't quit on my own, but my future husband is allergic to smoke, so I either dump the cigarettes, or dump him and I would much rather keep the love of my life. I have been a smoker for 38 years now and nothing has ever worker on helping me to quit. I tried the patches and ended up being allergic, I tried the gum and got heartburn, I tried pills and became sick. I am going to be telling my family and friends who smoke about this product."


Great substitute for cigarettes
"I am a 40 year smoker and have recently decided to quit. I needed a crutch that would ease the pain of stopping. This e cig is the best ever. I have not smoked or craved a cigarette in three months. Quite the accomplishment for me. I feel better and have regained my sense of smell and taste. I know these are much better for me than tobacco cigarettes. Very happy to have joined the Ecig Canada Zone revolution!"


Thank you Ecig Canada Zone
Danielle S
"You may save my life! I have been a heavy smoker for almost 3 decades and have tried every other alternative on the market plus all the old tricks, to quit smoking. I purchased my 2 days ago, and have been smoke free for 48 hours now!!! I am breathing so much better already and have not craved a cigarette. You have a miracle product! Great favors to choose from, and the total cigarette experience, including throat hit, without the horrible chemicals and side effects. Thank you very much. I will be spreading my opinion on my blog and social networks!"


Best thing to hit the market!
Michelle Kellee
"I smoked for 18 years, 2 packs a day. 3 years ago I got electronic cigarettes and quit. tried lots and almost went back to smoking then found Ecig Canada Zone. Have gone through all the models since then and found the Storm to be the absolute BEST! I have recommended it to everyone I see and ordered for family. Now I need another for someone else and they're out. Guess I should have waited to recommend so many times. :-) . Love these cigs."


"I just wanted to say how much I enjoy my Ecig Canada Zone Storm. After a while of smoking regular cigarettes I started having lots of trouble. I was only 25 or 26 at the time. I couldnt breathe right (asthma runs in my family anyway), I had alot of problems with my sinuses, I couldnt sing like I used to and standing outside to smoke in the cold during winter made me extremely ill. I found the Ecig Canada Zone site and decided to order the Storm started kit with my tax return and Ive never looked back. I can get my nicotine fix without all the problems I was having before. I also love it because there are so many different flavors that you can buy for it and that really helps when I have a sweet tooth. I love using it so much I even took this pic just for you. I call it "Goth gone electric". Thank you for being in existance."


Awesome product
Kim Plourde
"I have been a heavy smoker for 36 years. As a result, I've gotten to the point where either I quit smoking or, I have to wear oxygen on a daily basis. I can't have that. A few friends at work had the "Ecig Canada Zone" products and I inquired. I bought the "storm" and the "Ecig Canada Zone" eCigarette. Since I'm in a do or die situation I had no choice. I have been vaping for 11 days now. Their products exactly duplicate every sensation of a real cigarette. I haven't craved a cigarette since. I have never been this successful at quitting. I had an appointment with my Pulmonologist Friday. She's already seen an improvement. Ecig Canada Zone may be responsible for saving my life. Thank you Ecig Canada Zone."


Randy Cantu
"Updating: so sorry I see the Storm kits are sold out, then again, that's great! I'm still off real tobacco. I'd been getting concerned about my blood pressure as in the last couple years was measuring 145-155/85-95. For the last couple weeks, measuring 122-140/74-81, the last was 134/80. I think the improvement is because of having no real tobacco for 3+ weeks. I want to stay away from prescription meds. Have a physical scheduled and am going to show Doc my log of BP. I am giving this review to encourage any smoker to try the Storm, don't be discouraged that they're sold out right now. Storm is the real deal and it has not been hard to give up the real tobacco. I had a 4-5 day stretch of a sore throat but that I think was only because of no real cigarettes. I'm now using 10 & 11 mg eliquid. Got some of the vanilla and that is real tasty, but use mainly tobacco flavor. Next order will be for 6 mg + 0 mg. Please try this product and save your life. Thank you Ecig Canada Zone."


Storm 2.0 after 26 years of smoking
Joseph Angelichio Jr
"There's so much I can say but I'll keep it brief. You have a new customer for life. Thank you for helping me take my life back. This is the edge I've needed to quit tobacco cigarettes. I've tried other brands and they just didn't satisfy my needs as a smoker. Instead of my 1 1/2 packs today, I smoked 1 cigarette, and that was because I hadn't checked the mail yet. Thank you Thank you Thank you !"


the best invinshen till now
Anthony Qutawna
"i have friend and family over sea they love to get Ecig Canada Zone because they want to quit smoking the real cigarettes and they told me the don't have yet this kind in the country Jordan you can make million of dollars if you do the commercials in that country and i do speak the languages and i can make money you never think about it Anthony Qutawna 763 first street Secaaucus N.J 07094 USA"


Have Quit Cigarettes
Lois Whitsett
"I have not had a cigarette since Oct 26th and have been using Ecig Canada Zone and would not go back to cigarettes"


44+ yrs of cigarettes coming to an end
Randy Cantu
"I got the Ultimate Storm kit. 3 10ml eliquid came with it. I've smoked for 44+yrs. I tried 3-4 other e-cig brands before, didn't really like any of them and none lasted as advertised. I started using sporadically last Thursday but wanted to use up the Marlboros I had. Friday I had 9 boros, Sat 4. Today is Wed, 4 days in a row without a regular cigarette. The tank I'm using is still half full and the 1st bottle of eliquid has enough for 2-3 more tank refills. So I believe the 3 10ml bottles will last me 21-24 days easily. I got the high nicotine(middle) mix. This works out cheaper than buying the real cigarettes, and a lot less toxins in my lungs and blood. The lanyard really helps, Storm is right there to ward off cigarette cravings. I KNOW cigarettes are gonna be gone in my life. I was extremely leery of ordering, let alone ordering the full monte. Glad I went with the Ultimate kit. Filling is not hard, just follow the instructions that come with, or go to the website. I did get the black and I think it's classy looking for what that's worth. I came back to this FaceBook wall cause I wanted to order some more eliquid, 1 10ml ea of medium strength menthol, vanilla, tobacco, so I can begin stepping down in a week or so. Glad Ecig Canada Zone has the varied strengths, including 0 nicotine. Go FOR IT! Order the Ultimate. Better than any Nicorette product. 13 minutes ago · Like"


Excellent service
"I have been a smoker for 20 years, and a quitter for 8. I have been smoke free for the past year thanks to the Storm. Also, when dealing with customer service it was wonderful. I had some issues with my address because I am in a rural area, they fixed everything up for me. When I had my last bottle of e-juice break in my pocket, they overnighted a replacement I purchase, plus they gave me an extra bottle, no charge. I recommend Ecig Canada Zone and the Storm to every smoker I meet."


Jeff F.
"A pack a day smoker for 26 years & now smoke free for a week, don't crave, yearn, jones or want a cigarette ever again..thank you Ecig Canada Zone!!"