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KangerTech TOPBOX Instruction Guide

KangerTech TOP BOX Nano Box Mod Starter Kit Instructions and Getting Started Guide
Once you have made the decision to purchase the KangerTech TOPBOX Nano (Black Edition or Pink TOPBOX Edition) you will need to get started with the  TOPBOX Nano Instructions.
The KangerTech TOPBOX Nano comes with an instruction manual; however, we feel these instructions and instruction guide will work for you much better. We have put together a step by step getting started guide to using the KangerTech TOPBOX Nano and once you are finished setting up this box mod, you are sure to be in vaping heaven. This box mod packs a serious punch for being as small as it is. The fit in your hand is perfect and with adjustable airflow, you can get the exact hit you desire. Seriously, the KangerTech TOPBOX Nano is a must have for any vaper looking for something that is high quality, easy to use and packs an affordable price.

Step 1 – Unscrew the Tank from the TOPBOX Nano Box Mod Casing
A very simple but needed step in the process is to unscrew the tank from the body of your new TOPBOX Nano Box Mod starter kit. Unscrewing from the base of this box mod is very smooth and right away, you can tell that this is a very high quality box mod from KangerTech. The polished black finish provides an absolutely wonderful feeling in the palm of your hand. Unscrewing the tank will be smooth and effortless.

TOPBOX NANO Box Mod Instructions - Unscrew Tank

Step 2 – Unscrew the Coil Base from the TOPBOX Nano Tank

After you have disconnected the tank from the box mod housing, you will need to remove the base of the atomizer tank. Start by unscrewing the atomizer base with both fingers on the bottom of the atomizer unit. The atomizer base should come off very easy and smooth. Keep in mind for future use, keep the atomizer tank upright at all times. When you have juice in the tank and you are unscrewing the atomizer base, this will keep from spilling or leaking.

TOPBOX NANO Box Mod Instructions - Unscrew Coil from Tank

Step 3 (A) – Soak the SSOCC (Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coil) in the exposed cotton air holes
VERY IMPORTANT BEFORE USE: Soak the SSOCC coil with your ejuice or eliquid of choice. Start by taking a small dropper of ejuice and dabbing “one” drop at a time until the juice completely soaks into the exposed cotton holes. failing to put too much ejuice on the coil will give you an abundance of ejuice on your coil that will not make it into the coils and you will end up dripping or leaking ejuice. There are two exposed cotton holes on these SSOCC coils, so you want to soak both holes until all of the cotton is holding ejuice.
IMPORTANT NOTE: After soaking coil with ejuice, let the atomizer base sit for 20-30 minuets to prevent dry or burnt hits.

TOPBOX NANO Box Mod Instructions - Soak the Atomizer Coil


Step 3 (B) – Filling the Tank with your desired ejuice

After you have soaked your coil, set aside. Start filling your tank by tilting the tank in one hand and grabbing a dropper of ejuice in the other hand. Very carefully and very slowly, fill your tank with ejuice. It is very important to not fill ejuice down the center tube as this will result in a gurgling tank, ejuice in your mouth or worse; a leaking tank.

KangerTech TOPBOX NANO Instructions - Filling the Tank


Step 4 – Re-Connect the coil base to the tank and screw the base back on

After you have completely soaked your SSOCC coil with ejuice and finished filling your tank, you want to screw the atomizer base back onto the tank. Keep a paper towel handy just in case you spill ejuice or need to wipe away any leftover ejuice residue.

TOPBOX NANO Box Mod Instructions - Screw on Atomizer Coil to Tank


Step 5 – Screw the tank back onto the box mod housing unit

Screw the atomizer base and tank back onto the TOPBOX NANO box mod housing. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. If you over tighten your tank to the housing of the box mod, it may get stuck due to the sticky nature of ejuice.

TOPBOX NANO Box Mod Instructions - Screw Tank onto Box Mod


Step 6 – INSTALLING THE IMR BATTERY: Detach the Magnetic IMR Housing Cover
After your tank is securely on you TOPBOX NANO, you will need to insert your IMR Battery. Start by detaching the magnetic cover on the opposite side of the buttons and display screen. You can do this by inserting your fingernail underneath the bottom of magnetic cover. After you have released the initial magnetic lock, the cover should pop right off.
TOPBOX NANO Instructions - Detach Magnetic IMR Battery Cover


Step 7 – Insert a 30A IMR Battery into the IMR Battey housing
After you have released the IMR Battery Magnetic Lock, you will need to insert your IMR battery of choice. Keep in mind where the Positive (+) and Negative (-) connections are. Unlike typical Mechanical Mods, the Positive (+) connection is at the bottom while the Negative (-) connection is at the top. Start by inserting the Negative (-) connection first by pushing up the connection with one end of the IMR Battery followed by the Positive (+) connection.
TOPBOX NANO Instructions - Insert IMR Battery into Housing


Step 8 – Attach the Magnetic IMR Housing cover back onto the body of the TOPBOX NANO Box Mod

Once you have securely installed the IMR Battery into the housing of the Box Mod, you want to attach the Magnetic IMR Battery cover lock. Do this by simply rolling the magnetic cover lock over the IMR battery.

TOPBOX NANO Instructions - Attach Magnetic IMR Battery Cover


Step 9 – Overview of the TOPNBOX NANO Controls and Settings

The TOPBOX NANO controls and settings can be very complex so let us break it down for you.

  1. ON/OFF: Press fire button 5 times rapidly within 2 seconds.
  2. Choosing Resistance Wire Type (NI, TI or Blank): Press fire button 3 times. To toggle settings, repeat this step.
  3. Desired Temperature: Up/Down button
  4. Temperature Control OFF: Up/Down button
  5. OLED Display Toggle: Hold Up/Down button for 2 seconds
  6. Disable Buttons: When the battery is on, hold down all three buttons.
Overview of TOPBOX NANO Controls


Step 10 – Extra Coils, What are they and What is the Difference?

  • SSOCC COILS: Basic Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coils
  • CLAPTON COILS: Dual Wrapped in the center coils (Much Stronger Throat Hit)