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How to use 510-T Tank syestem e-cigarette

 * How to use e-cigarette BE510-T/Joye510-T pen style tank system and fill e-liquid to the e-cigarette BE510-t tank blank(empty) cartridge

The BE510-T tank system e-cigarette builds on the achievements of the e-cigarette BE510. The new power saving battery function improves the efficiency of power consumption. The e-cigarette BE510-T apply the new tank system for dripping e-liquid directly into its 1.0ml tank cartridge without the use of tissue inside the tank. This revolutionary new e-cigarette makes dripping easier and less frustrating for consumers.

I.Base Package:

The e-cigarette BE510-T/Joye510-T(tank) starter kit including:

*  1 BE510-T atomizer

*  2 BE510 MEGA batteries (3.7V 280mAh, BE510, BE510-T use the same battery or MEGA battery)

*  1 BE510 AC adapter

*  1 Power cord

*  1 bottle 10ml e-liquid

*  5 pcs Blank BE510-T/901-T Cartridges

II. How to use

a. Screw the e-cigarette BE510-T battery:

Screw and connect the e-cigarette 510-T battery with the e-cigarette 510-T tank atomizer, then will be stand-by state.

setup 510-t e-cig tank atomizer


b. : Uncover the e-cigarette BE510-T/901-T blank Cartridge( BE901-T and BE510-T use the same tank cartridges):

Step 1: Cut the plastic package;

Step 2: Remove the e-cigarette 510-T cartridge rubber cover;

Step 3: Take off the 510-T cartridge rubber cap.

Uncover the 510-T cartridge cover

c. Fill the e-liuid to the e-cigarette 510-T tank cartridge:

Step 1: Take out the e-liquid bottle lid;

Step 2: cut off the top of bottle of e-liquid;

Step 3: Drip the e-liquid to the e-cigarette 510-T tank cartridge until full;

Step 4: Cover the cartridge rubber cap again.

How to fill e-liquid to the 510-T tank cartridge

d. Put the e-cigarette 510-T tank cartridge into the e-cigarette 510-T tank system atomizer:

Step1: Screw down the old inhaler;

Step2: Put the filled e-cigarette 510-T tank cartridge into the e-cigarette 510-T.

replace 510-t cartridge


       * The e-cigarette manal 510-T works only when you press the switch button. Press the switch button and inhale at the same time.


e. Charge the pen style e-cigarette BE510-T tank system battery:
You need change the battery when the battery LED flash 8 times and the circuit stops working no smoke production. To charge the mini e-cigarette battery, you just screw the mini e-cigarette battery with the special charger, just a second, the battery LED will be flashed 3 times, then the charger indicator light will turns red from the green. The mini e-cigarette battery is fully charger wehn the indicator light turns green from red again.  The charging time for the regular use should be 2.5-3 hours. The charger works with the normal voltage at 100-240V, 50/60Hz.


mini e cigarette setup_pic4