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How does the cartridge work?

How does the cartridge work?
Cartridges can be purchased prefilled with liquid or as blanks (sometimes-called cores) with no liquid in them. You can re-use carts that come pre-filled with liquid by refilling them with separately purchased liquid. 

Cartridges can be reused a few times but should be cleaned periodically. Use a tweezers, remove the filler material, and run it under warm to hot water until it turns bright white again. If the bright white does not return to your filler material then you probably need to replace the filler material. There are several good suggestions as to what to use to replace filler material and you should research that separately for suggestions as nothing is definitive. Even the materials used by manufacturers vary so there is no single answer.


Are these cartridges really going to last as long as a pack of 20 cigarettes?
Cartridge life varies in different models. Super mini sized e-cigs usually have small carts that last a duration roughly equivalent of 2 to 4 cigarettes worth of puffs. Mini size e-cigs will usually last for the rough equivalent of 3 to 6 cigarettes worth of puffs. Pen style, cigar and pipe cartridges will usually last a rough equivalent of 10 or so cigarettes worth of puffs.

How do I refill a cartridge?
Cartridges can be refilled or topped off with e-liquid by just dripping it into the filler material inside the cartridge. In smaller e-cigs, it is not uncommon for the filler material to be recessed inside the cartridge. In this case, take a paper clip and insert it into the hole you would suck through on the cartridge. The inner cup will push up and you can hold it up higher where it is easier to drip liquid into it. Drip the liquid slowly and pay close attention not to fill it so much that liquid makes a small pool on the top. If that happens, dab a little off with the corner of a napkin. 
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Another method frequently used to replenish cartridges is to use a syringe. This allows you to fill the cart from the bottom up and eliminates the need to push the inner cup up with recessed cartridges. You will want a syringe with no higher than 20 Gauge needles and no smaller than 3cc/ml capacity. If the needle is pointed, file it down to blunt it a bit, you do not want to stick yourself with a syringe of e-liquid. Insert the needle into the filler material and fill the cartridge slowly raising the needle to spread the liquid fully through the filler material.

What about cartomizers? Can you tell me more about those?
Cartomizers are in essence, simply a combination cartridge and atomizer. They do require slightly different re-filling techniques and cleaning. They are usually designed for limited use; when the cartridge is empty, you discard it. However, many people refill these and have gotten longer life out of them.

In-depth explanation of the care and feeding of cartomizers by DoctorVapor:

How do I refill a cartomizer?
Refilling a cartomizer is similar to refilling a regular cartridge; however, it involves slightly more effort. Please see the below videos for an explanation.

GrimmGreen’s Short video on re-filling a cartomizer: 

DoctorVapor’s Short video on re-filling a cartomizer: 

Is there an alternative to either buying pre-filled, or re-filling cartridges myself?
Yes. Many people become “drippers” after a while, and do not use cartridge filler material at all. In these instances, the cartridge is used only as a mouthpiece. For more information on this method, please see “What is Dripping and Dipping?” under “E-Liquid”.

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