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How does the battery work?

There are two types of batteries, manual and automatic. Within that, there are also two types of automatic batteries. Manual batteries have a button that is held to engage them. Automatic batteries are engaged by sucking air through them. 

Manual batteries offer an advantage over automatic batteries in the ability to pre-heat an atomizer by pressing the button a second before you begin taking a puff. They are also capable of running longer to allow for a longer deeper drag. Automatic batteries offer an advantage over manual batteries in that they are able to be used hands free. To get the same pre-heating effect with an automatic battery you should take a small puff before taking your actual puff. This is called a “primer puff,” as it heats the atomizer and helps it perform better. 

Automatic batteries can be made either mechanical or electromagnetic. A mechanical automatic battery uses a plastic diaphragm that moves when air is drawn through the battery. An electromagnetic automatic battery uses a microphone like switch that senses the vibrations of the air drawing through the battery. Electromagnetic batteries can be triggered by ambient sounds, most notably deep bass tones. If you can make your battery light up by speaking into or blowing on the LED end of it then you have an electromagnetic battery. 

Some batteries have a ‘safety cut off’ that will turn off the battery if it is active longer than a predetermined number of seconds ranging between 2 and 10. Usually if you reach this cut off period the battery light will blink and you will have to pause for a moment (could be up to 2 minutes) before taking another puff. The batteries also blink when they are dead and need charging. If you are unsure about what the blinking light on your batteries are indicating, it may be explained in your booklet that came with it. 

Manual batteries are usually sealed in the center of the battery so liquid cannot get inside the battery if you drip liquid. Automatic batteries require an air passage hole in the center of them, thus they can be damaged by liquid running down and going inside the battery.

What sort of lifespan can I expect from these batteries?

Battery life varies greatly in different personal vaporizers. Always read multiple reviews before purchasing any product and follow the manufacturer’s suggestions included in the instructions for care and charging.

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