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How To…Clean Your eGrip


Now before you go and try this yourself, I just wanted to put a disclaimer out there that this is my own personal method that I have come up with after doing some research on various cleaning techniques. It may be off a bit or it may be spot on for some but it has worked continually for me while extending the life of the coil and the device itself. I have cleaned my eGrip plenty of times while switching out juices and this process has not failed me yet.


Here’s What You Need and Why

Joyetech Tool (To loosen the screw releasing the Atomizer Base)

Syringe (To flush out the tank with purified water)

Needle Nose Pliers (In my case, to loosen the Aspire BVC from the Atomizer Base) 

Plastic Container (To hold the water while you clean your eGrip)

Purified Water (Because tap water doesn’t cut it anymore)

Step 1 

*Gently remove the drip tip and turn the eGrip upside down. Using the Joyetech Tool turn the Atomizer Base until you can remove it from the eGrip.

Step 2 

*You don’t necessarily need to use Needle Nose Pliers during this step to remove your coil from the Atomizer Base but since I’m using the Aspire BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) I like to keep it tightened securely since it’s a slight custom modification. And using just my fingers to loosen the coil from it’s base is slightly difficult at times.

Step 3 

*Once you have the Drip Tip, Coil and Atomizer Base seperated from the eGrip set everything up on your work station…mine just happens to be a napkin, only God can judge me.

Step 4: 

*Place the Drip Tip, Coil and Atomizer Base in a Plastic Container then pour the Purified Water into as well until covered completely. Shake each piece vigorously for a few seconds.

Step 5: 

*Once each item is rinsed in the purified water place them all on a napkin to dry off.

Step 6: 

*Now take your syringe and fill it up with the purified water.

Step 7:  

*First use the syringe to shoot the water through the drip tip opening to flush out the eGrip from the top. Do this about 3 times. The water will pass through and rinse out through the bottom.

Step 8:

*Second, use the syringe to shoot water into the tank from the bottom of the eGrip. After each water cleanse turn it right side up and shake the excess water out from the bottom. Repeat this step about 3 times.

Step 9: 

*After a good cleansing place the eGrip on the napkin so any excess water drips out. You can leave it to dry for an hour or even overnight if you have the patience. Then piece it back together and it should VAPE like new!