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How E-Cig Vapor Affects Your Taste Buds

Flavor is one of the reasons why smokers who want to quit prefer to use electronic cigarettes rather than nicotine replacement therapies such as patches, gum and spray. With ecigs they can still enjoy that familiar tobacco or menthol taste while trying to wean the body off the nicotine.

E-liquids come in a wide assortment of flavors – American or Turkish tobacco, Cuban cigar, clove, menthol, chocolate, coffee, fruit, desserts, and almost any type of food or beverage that e-juice makers can think of replicating.

Because flavor is an important part of the vaping experience, it is important to choose the best e-liquids. But sometimes even with the most delicious cocktails, the throat hit can be lackluster.

Vaper's Tongue
Whether you are new to ecigs or have been vaping for many years now, at some point you will experience what they call "vaper's tongue" syndrome. You are able to blow thick clouds of vapor and feel the sensation go down your throat but you can't taste anything. It doesn't necessarily mean that you got a bad batch of e-liquid or that there's something wrong with your taste buds.

Vaper's tongue happens all the time but it's not permanent so you do not need to worry if you suddenly are unable to taste your favorite flavor. Oftentimes it just goes away after a few days or if you types of e-liquid flavors like going from tobaccos to fruits. Sometimes you can just drink a glass of water and take a break from vaping for an hour.

What Causes This Phenomenon?

If you have been smoking for decades, you probably notice that food tastes differently now compared to how they were before you started the habit. Cigarettes can ruin your sense of taste especially when used long-term.

As soon as you stop smoking, your taste buds may go through a cycle of change as your body gets used to vapor instead of smoke. Your sense of taste will start going back to normal and you'll be able to enjoy food again. These new sensations, however, could overwhelm your tongue and cause your taste buds to shut down temporarily as they try to adjust. Do not be alarmed if this happens several times. After a few hours or a few days, your taste buds will eventually reboot themselves and return all that good flavor. If you have overloaded your senses, you could try using a palette cleanser. Citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit and orange as well as pickled ginger served in fine dining restaurants are excellent examples. Wait about 10 minutes and your taste buds should be back to normal.

Getting Dehydrated From Vaping
Vaping, like smoking, can cause dehydration. E-cig vapor tends to absorb moisture and your mouth can be a perfect target. When your mouth starts to get dry, a thin film forms on the top of your tongue to prevent vapor from getting to your taste buds. If this is the reason why each puff seems bland and tasteless, just drink more water to keep your tongue hydrated. Water is also the quickest way to cleanse the palate and bring the flavor back. If there is film buildup on your tongue, use a toothbrush to scrape it off.

If you have a favorite flavor that you vape continuously for several days, you could suffer temporary taste burnout. Switching between multiple flavors is not only more enjoyable but practical as well. Try different e-juice recipes from our other flavor categories every now and then to avoid getting your taste buds immune to a certain e-juice. Maybe you'll have a morning flavor that goes with your coffee or tea then a strong afternoon blend to keep you awake. End your day with a milder, more relaxing flavor to complement your nightcap. There's no rule on how many flavors you should have but make sure you have a nice rotation of e-liquids to keep your taste buds fresh.

Vaping While Sick
If you are under the weather, expect your taste buds to go haywire. The flu virus, and even the common cold, can cause blockage in your sinuses. And since your sense of smell is related to your sense of taste, enjoying food and your flavored vapor can be difficult if you are sick.

Sometimes trying a stronger flavor can fire up your listless taste buds. If you are experiencing taste fatigue from your milder e-liquids, try a few shots of cinnamon, menthol or citrus to bring back your ability to taste e-cig vapors.

While waiting for your taste buds to return to normal, you could dig up your seldom used e-liquids and save the good ones for when you can actually enjoy the flavor. You can also try unflavored e-liquids or experiment with zero-nicotine varieties while your taste buds are in recovery mode.

Some e-liquids actually taste better over time. If you have a bad batch, don't be in a hurry to throw it away. Let it steep for a month and then load it in your tank or cartomizer again. This way you are allowing the ingredients to settle in and produce a richer flavor.

Dry atomizers and cartomizers can produce a burnt taste so always keep them hydrated.

If your e-liquid tastes like pepper or perfume, it usually means that your e-juice needs more steeping. Remove the bottle cap and dripper to let the liquid breathe.

To ensure that your e-liquid tastes great from start to finish, store your bottles in a cool dark place.

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