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Create Electronic Cigarette Regulations That Make Sense!

Banning Electronic Cigarette sales to minors makes complete sense, but vapers and business owners alike shouldn't be forced to make their vaping customers step outside. 

This peition is a voice to our provincial government;

Do ban sale to minors,

Do let business owners choose if they will permit vaping or not,

Don't punish those who have managed to switch their habit to a harm-reduced alternative by banning flavours or restricting hardware. 

What do we want?

We just want regulations that make sense and won't force e-cig vendors to shut their doors permanently. Also, we don't want to see vapers being fined or charged unfairly. 

Let your voice be heard! Tell 

Hon. Dr. Eric Hoskins

That we are vapers and we won't give up without being heard and taking action!

If you are worried about Vaping 're-normalizing' smoking ban the units that look like cigarettes, much like taking away candies that looked like cigarettes.

Educating that this is Not Smoking - could, in fact, give youth another way to try and help their parents who do smoke to quit.

Stop looking only for and at the negative and see the positive, see how to make this a good thing (which it already is).

The vaping community is all for restrictions to selling to minors (you would be hard pressed to find a merchant who does supply to minors)

Let the individual businesses decide for themselves whether vaping is allowed in their establishment - give them that choice, let them decide how to run their business.

We don't want to re-normalize smoking... we want to abolish it, make it a thing of the past- and we ARE! I take a look around me at my friends and see how many have quit smoking after decades because they switched to vaping

PLEASE take the time to do real research. Read ALL of ALL the documents out there, not just snippets that prove what you think (without facts) is the right answer.

We don't want to be forced to go and use the devices that got us off cigarettes in the same place that those still using them are. We quit - why make us stand around those who haven't? Hasn't the government been trying to get us to quit for a decade now? So why punish us for doing so? Why relegate those who have done just what you have been urging us to do to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who haven't?

We are NOT 're-normalizing' smoking - we are the way to erase smoking.

In August we were told the government would not be rushing into a decision... two/three months later that statement is shown to be a lie from our elected government.

I'm sorry I voted for you. I won't make the same mistake twice, and I won't support your party in the federal elections as this is two Liberal provinces that are ramming this sort of bad decision through, despite the obvious good vaping is already doing.

I have one final suggestion - if you are worried about 're-normalizing' make it legal to vape in establishments for adults . It is a concession that will go a long way to appeasing us. Let us Vape in bars (if the owner decides to allow it). If we can vape in bars (where there are no minors to influence) we can still be an influence on adult smokers and give them a way to kick the habit.

Please seriously consider this option, it would be a token of goodwill and would appease many of us in the vaping community

If Electronic Cigarettes have change your life for the better, please support us!

CLICK below: 

Create Electronic Cigarette Regulations That Make Sense!

Also, please watch this video:
If you are a smoker or an ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE USER.....

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