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Beginners Instructions and advice

Your First time with an e-cigarette

This beginners area is designed for those of you who know little to nothing about the electronic cigarette. Perhaps you saw a friend with an e-cigarette, or heard about them in the news.  If you are confused as to what is what, and want beginners advice on which e-cigarette and what e-liquid will work best for you, this is where you should start.  Please set aside 15-20 minutes and give this article some time, as there is a lot to cover!
Let me begin by saying that electronic cigarettes do have a bit of a learning curve. It will take some time for you to get used to the feel and weight difference. Putting plastic in your mouth instead of paper, filling your e-cigarette with liquid, charging batteries, etc. all take time to get used to. Give yourself time to adjust to the differences, and in no time it will feel like second nature.

What is an electronic cigarette, and how does it work?
An electronic cigarette is a battery operated device that heats up e-liquid, converting it from a liquid to a vapour. It is designed as an alternative to cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. Many people who have had little to no success quitting smoking by traditional means — cold turkey, the patches, the gums, the drugs, etc. — have had much greater and long lasting success using electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette so closely mimics a tobacco cigarette, it provides the most realistic and satisfying smoking experience. The electronic cigarette does not contain the cancer causing agents known to be in tobacco products, leaving you with just a few ingredients.

Every electronic cigarette, no matter how big or small, require three things to work.

#1:  A Battery.
Electronic Cigarette batteries can be as small as a cigarette, or as large as a double A battery, but they are all designed to provide power to the e-cigarette. All of the batteries at Canada Vapes are lithium ion batteries. This means that they do not have a ‘memory’ and can be recharged many times in a row, maintaining their power. All of our batteries can be charged using a USB adapter, allowing you to easily charge your batteries anywhere there is a computer, laptop, or with the optional cigarette lighter adapter for your car. You can also charge our batteries through any standard wall plug. Batteries have a control chip that regulates the power provided that keeps your battery performing optimally.
#2:  Heating Element (A way to heat the liquid)
The heating area of an e-cigarette is The atomizer or heating coil.  This is the part of an e-cigarette that heats the e-liquid into a vapor.  An atomizer contains a heating element — usually a heating coil.   The heating coil is a thin piece of coiled metal that instantly heats when you activate the battery. The e-liquid touches the heating coil and instantly converts to a vapor, which carries the e-liquid in vapor form to you and provides the ‘simulated smoke’, taste, and throat hit.
#3:  Somewhere to store the liquid (a tank, a cartridge, etc.)
The final requirement for an e-cigarette is an area for the e-liquid to be stored. This is where most differences between e-cigarettes occur. These options include a cartridge, a tank, a cartomizer, or a clearomizer. Each of these has three tasks: To store e-liquid, to move the e-liquid to the atomizer/heating coil, and as a place to put your mouth.
Pretty Simple, don’t you think?
That’s all there is to it!  If you can remember these three things — a battery, an atomizer/heating coil, and a place for e-liquid to be stored (tank or cartridge, for example), you can easily understand even the most complicated e-cigarettes the marketplace.
Many of the newer models of e-cigarettes combine the heating element and e-liquid storage into a single accessory.   This makes things even easier, with just 2 parts to these e-cigarettes.  These are typically called cartomizers (a mouthpiece, e-liquid storage area and coil combined)  clearomizers ( a mouthpiece, e-liquid storage area and coil combined that you can see through), or glassomizers(a mouthpiece, e-liquid storage area made of glass and/or metal)

Which electronic cigarette will work best for me?
This question isn’t really as hard to answer as you may think. There is really only one question to ask, and then everything else is personal preferences.
The Big Question: Battery style – Do you want longer battery life, or do you want a very small unit similar in size to a tobacco cigarette? The biggest drawback to the small ‘cigarette style’, e-cigarettes is a shorter battery life. The batteries are much smaller, so their battery life is less than the bigger battery units. The benefit is of course their small size. Some customers really want an e-cigarette that is as close as possible to looking like a cigarette.   A big battery will last most customers the entire day between charges. A typical EGO style battery (the bigger battery) will last up to 10+ hours for many customers, whereas the smaller batteries will typically last 2-4 hours.
One other factor to consider is that the larger batteries will work with MANY MORE of the accessories we sell.  The bigger EGO style batteries are the most popular on the market, and therefore most manufacturers make products specifically for these batteries.  If you choose a smaller battery, you will be limiting the different kind of accessories you can use with your batteries.
The other factor to consider is how much you currently smoke. If you smoke 5-10 cigarettes a day, a small battery unit should be all you need, as you won’t charging it as much. If you smoke around half a pack a day or more, I would recommend going with a bigger battery. For now, just decide if you absolutely must have the small cigarette style battery, or if you’re okay with a larger sized battery. If you choose the small battery, please read “I Must have a Small Battery” below. If you choose the big battery, please read “I want a big battery” below.


Our electronic cigarette starter kits come with everything you will need to start vaping.  Select from our wide variety of quality brand name kits designed to help you quickly and easily get going with electronic cigarettes. From compact to large, and everything in between, we're sure to have the starter kit that's right for you! Try automatic Cig-a-Like ecigarette kits or the Vape style ecig Kits. Save up to 90% on current expenses. Make the switch to vaping the easy way!


Other things to consider:
You’ve got your starter kit chosen, and you have your e-liquid picked out. This is all you need to get started, but there are some other items you may want to look at. Here are a few recommendations for additional items that will make your experience that much better.
If you vape from home a lot or at an office — Get yourself a USB passthru.  EGO series USB Passthrough. It is essentially a battery that has a cable at the back. It plugs into a USB port and offers continuous vaping with no batteries. This is fantastic for people who work from home and spend a lot of time in front of a computer, or even in your den or living room with a laptop or other USB plug.  NEW!  We also sell mini USB passthroughs that don’t use a battery, but plug into a USB port and offer continuous vaping without charging.  You can see these HERE.

If you are out and about a lot — Get yourself a carrying case. I have three sizes of carrying cases available. The small carrying case is perfect to hold your extra batteries, or a few extra atomizers/cartomizers/clearomizers.  We also sell both the Large cases and X-Large Cases. Both are capable of holding a fully built EGO style e-cigarette.

If you are in a car a lot — Get yourself a cigarette lighter USB charger. Charge your batteries in your car with this simple USB battery charger.

Consider getting extra parts! – The starter kits all have what you need to get you going, but many people find just a few extra parts will ensure they are never left without their e-cigarette. Having an extra battery and USB charger for your work, cottage, car, etc. will keep you going anywhere you are. Also, its a good idea to have extra atomizers/cartomizers/clearomizers/etc. on hand in case one dies on you.


Vaping, or using electronic cigarettes is a tobacco harm reduction method. Studies continue to show that it is far less harmful to your health than smoking traditional or “analog” cigarettes. Despite all the negative media that vaping and e cigarettes has received, the one simple fact has never been disputed; vaping is safer than smoking. Simple benefits of vaping include being able to do it inside your home without having strong odours permeating your clothing, carpeting and furniture. Greater benefits are extoled by those who have successfully thrown out their conventional cigarettes and claim that they feel better, have regained their senses of taste and smell, and many who have given up nicotine entirely.


As more and more scientific evidence supports vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, governments have no choice but to pay attention. Organizations such as CVA (Canadian Vaping Association) continue to advocate for the rights of former smokers who want to stay off tobacco, are gaining ground on the tobacco lobbyists. Other countries such as the UK have very progressive laws based on real evidence backed by medical personnel. Scientists are working very hard to determine what, if any, health risks are associated with vaping and so far, the overwhelming evidence points to the fact that your ecig is magnitudes safer than smoking. Currently, there is nothing illegal about ecigarettes and there will not be in the foreseeable future.


We have excellent staff on hand to assist you in choosing the device that is right for you. We have an incredibly large selection of products to choose from, there is something for everyone no matter what your needs are and we will help you to find the right vape for you. With nearly 300 flavours of eliquid, you will find something that suits your palate, with the latest starter kits, mods, tanks, RTAs, RDAs, drip tips, batteries and chargers, we can fulfill all your needs, at an affordable price. We believe in a smoke free healthy society and we look forward to supporting our customers through the difficult challenge of quitting smoking. Our retail platform gives us the ability to meet our customers face to face to showcase our products and answer all their questions.


E-juice, ejuice, e juice, juice or e-liquid is the liquid that goes inside your e-cigarette or vaporizer and contains vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavouring and it may or may not contain nicotine as well. When ejuice is heated it produces the vapour. Ejuices come in many different flavours and nicotine levels, there is something for everyone.


Devices can be called many things, including: e-cigarettes, ecigarettes, ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery system), personal vaporizers (PV) or just vaporizers, vape pens, vapes, and also mods. The device is generally the part of the ecigarette that contains the battery or batteries. Most devices or mods are “regulated” which means that there is an electronic chip that allowsyou to control the power settings.Other mods or devices are called “unregulated” or “mechanical” and they do not have any electronic components. Unregulated or mechanical devices are for advanced vapers.


Every ecigarette requires a battery, some batteries are part of the device itself and those types are always charged with a USB cable. Other types of e-cigs have removable batteries. For these mods you may also require a separate charging device. Removable batteries come in different sizes and materials, though the most commonly used are lithium ion in the 18650 or 26650 sizes.


A tank is a reservoir where you put the ejuice.The ejuice is then heated by an element called an atomizer or a coil, that uses cotton as a wicking material.When the atomizer is heated it produces the vapour that you inhale. In a stock coil tank, when the atomizer or coil wears out it can be easily replaced with ones that you can buy at our shop and only requires that you screw them into the tank assembly. The rate at which they need to be replaced varies depending on the brand, which ejuice you are using, and how much you are vaping. Another style of tank is referred to as an RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) and they are for more advanced users that want to make their own coils using wire and wicking materials.


RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer. It serves the same function as a tank but has no reservoir. The vaper will drip the eliquid directly on to the coils and wicking material. While you can buy pre-made coils for RDAs, they are not as easy to install as stock coil tank atomizers and thus are generally considered to be advanced devices. Most vapers that use RDAs (or RTAs) make their own coils and wicks which requires some knowledge, skill and tools to accomplish. The major benefit of an RDA is the ability to switch e liquid flavours regularly, whereas tanks need to be emptied before another e juice flavour can be enjoyed.


If you have any further questions or concerns, we are here to answer all of your questions!