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Da Vinci And Sikorsky Also Deserve Credit For NASA’s Mars Helicopter

With NASA’s historic solar-powered helicopter flight over the barren slopes of Mars’ Jezero Crater, Leonardo da Vinci and Igor Sikorsky additionally deserve credit score together with the Wright brothers for enabling this astounding little bit of off-world powered, managed flight. Da Vinci made one of many earliest drawings of a rotor-driven plane and Sikorsky constructed the U.S.’ first commercially viable helicopter.

Regardless that Orville and Wilbur Wright get credit score for making the primary powered, managed plane flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903, the vertical flight of helicopters is markedly totally different. Thus, the primary check flight of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter is all of the extra astounding in no small half as a result of Mars’ environment is just one % that of Earth.

“Whereas these two iconic moments in aviation historical past could also be separated by time and 173 million miles of area, they now will without end be linked,” NASA Affiliate Administrator for Science Thomas Zurbuchen mentioned in an announcement. “As an homage to the 2 modern bicycle makers from Dayton, this primary of many airports on different worlds will now be referred to as Wright Brothers Subject, in recognition of the ingenuity and innovation that proceed to propel exploration.”

The 4-pound Ingenuity rotorcraft reached an altitude of 10 toes and maintained a secure hover for 30 seconds, says NASA, earlier than touching again down on the Martian floor. There are comparatively few air molecules with which Ingenuity’s two 4-foot-wide rotor blades can work together to realize flight, says the area company.

Even so, Renaissance icon Leonardo da Vinci clearly deserves credit score for his rudimentary helicopter designs which I first encountered in France’s Loire Valley throughout a go to to the Château du Clos Lucé in Amboise. In the direction of the tip of da Vinci’s life, he left Rome for a journey by way of France. And after assembly the French king Francis I used to be invited to dwell within the king’s Amboise chateau the place upon da Vinci’s loss of life in 1519, the Renaissance man left lots of his drawings, together with ones of his helicopter designs.   

“A pure helicopter might be outlined as any flying machine utilizing a rotor with blades that spin a few shaft to supply raise, propulsion, and management forces that allow the plane to hover relative to the bottom with out ahead flight velocity to generate these forces,” J. G. Leishman explains in his 2000 guide “Ideas of Helicopter Aerodynamics.” However to be sensible, the machine should additionally be capable of fly ahead, climb, cruise at velocity, after which descend and are available again right into a hover for touchdown, notes Leishman. That’s a feat that’s solely achieved in nature by the hummingbird or dragonfly, the writer writes.

As for da Vinci’s drawings?

Da Vinci’s sketch of the “aerial-screw” or “air gyroscope” gadget is dated to 1483 and was an apparent elaboration of an Archimedes’ water-screw, writes Leishman.  He notes that da Vinci’s proposed gadget comprised a helical floor fashioned out of iron wire, with linen surfaces made “hermetic with starch.”  However da Vinci didn’t really construct his machine, besides maybe for some small fashions, Leishman notes. Even so, he writes that da Vinci’s thought was clearly far forward of its time.

Nevertheless it took one other 4 centuries earlier than Igor Sigorsky made the helicopter thought into one thing sensible and commercially viable.  

Whereas nonetheless dwelling in czarist Russia, Sikorsky experimented with primitive vertical raise plane as early as 1907, writes Leishman. Sikorsky honed his designs after emigrating to the U.S. And by 1943, he had developed the R-5, a two-seater helicopter that noticed broad use within the Pacific throughout World Struggle II.

But as anybody who’s ever ridden in a traditional rotor-driven helicopter can attest, there’s a world of distinction between a set wing plane and a helicopter. That’s a lesson I realized a while in the past whereas masking the opening of an plane plant in South Korea. To keep away from an extended return bus trip, I fortunately accepted a proposal to return to central Seoul by way of helicopter as an alternative. Let’s simply say that the flight was so buffeted by heavy winds excessive over the Korean hillsides that I longed for a fixed-wing plane. Given Mars’ skinny environment, that’s not an issue that helicopters on Mars would possible ever expertise, nevertheless.   

Will people ever fly in rotor-driven craft on Mars?

In the long run, it’s extra possible people will transfer about utilizing some kind of ground-based rocket propulsion which might allow quick hops of some kilometers or extra across the floor. Nevertheless, the appearance of small robotic helicopters on the crimson planet could also be a boon for Mars science.

“Using helicopters guarantees to bridge a niche between orbiters offering large-area imagery at low decision, and rovers that present detailed imagery restricted by line-of-sight from the present rover location,” says NASA. Paired with a rover, a helicopter can act as a ahead reconnaissance platform, figuring out science targets or mapping the terrain forward of a rover, NASA notes.  

As for drones?

The flexibility to harness a high-quality drones with sufficient maneuverability to take a look at Mars in the identical method that off-the-shelf, commercially-available, Earth-based drones can accomplish that right here would revolutionize robotic exploration of Mars or any off-world physique.    

What’s subsequent for NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter?

Its second experimental check flight is scheduled for no sooner than April 22, says NASA. And if the helicopter survives the second flight check, the Ingenuity group says it is going to take into account how finest to increase the flight profile.



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