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  • 30ML 50VG / 50PG ELIQUID PD
    $25.99 $19.99 Choose Options 30ML 50VG / 50PG ELIQUID PD
    50% chance of Death by Menthol, Apple Cured Tobacco, Banana Milkshake, Orange, Ben & Hedge Menthol 100's, Berry Custard Creme Brulee, Blueberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Custard, Bluewater, Bubble Yum, Butterscotch, Cherry...

    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options 30ML ELIQUID VJ
    555  , apple  , Banana  , Banana Cream  , BellaMount  , Blackwood Tobacco  , Blue Balls Candy  , Blueberry  , Bubble Gum  , Caramel Macchiato  , Cherry Cola  , Chocolate...

  • 555 (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options 555 (30ml)
    555 - State Express   The 555 e-liquid is a mild to medium tobacco base with a slightly nutty finish.  It's not too sweet, and not too overpowering, and is a great choice for an all day vape.  The 555 flavour...

  • Belmont Milds - 30ml
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options Belmont Milds - 30ml
    Belmont Milds- Low Intro Pricing!   Introducing our newest tobacco flavour that we have receved many reuqest about.  Belmont milds is a delicious and additiceitve mellow and... did I mention...

  • Blueberry (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options Blueberry (30ml)
    Blueberry - Exclusive Product Mellow and smooth, just a hint of sweet, this is a very popular e-liquid for those looking for something a bit different.  A gentle blueberry flavour resonates through the e-liquid,...

  • Bubble Gum (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options Bubble Gum (30ml)
    Nice and fun sweet bubble gum flavour, similar to the delicouls bubble gum balls in the gumball machines!   All E-liquid sold with child proof Lids Keep out of reach of children and pets E-Liquid sold within 90 days of...

    $38.99 $29.99 Choose Options Cake Pop 30ML ELIQUID EJUICE
    Cake Pop is a replica of the cake on the go lollipops that became of sensation. Cake Pop takes a soft cake flavor center with strawberry icing flavors that bring it all together. In terms of cake and dessert vapes, Cake Pop...

  • Canadian Menthol Tobacco (30ml)
    $24.99 $19.99 Choose Options Canadian Menthol Tobacco (30ml)
    NOW CALLED MUSKOKA BLEND MENTHOL TOBACCO The classy addition of menthol to our old-fashioned pleasantly aromatic blend of the finest tobacco flavourings available. Smooth, crisp and clean our Muskoka Menthol...

  • Canadian Smooth Tobacco (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options Canadian Smooth Tobacco (30ml)
    NOW CALLED BLACKWOOD Canadian Smooth Tobacco - Exclusive Product Canadian smooth tobacco is a totally unique e-liquid. Made in Canada using ingredients from North America, it really gives you an authentic tobacco taste,...

    $25.99 $19.99 Choose Options COCONUT CHOCOLATE TREAT 30ML
    NOW CALLED CHOCOLATE MINT Chocolate Coconut mint flavour. Available in 0,3,6,12,18 strength. 30ml or 50ml your choice...

  • Coffee (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options Coffee (30ml)
    Coffee tatse like eliquid ready to vape.

  • DK Tobacco (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options DK Tobacco (30ml)
    DK Tobacco is now called DYRK TOBACCO -  Exclusive Product Rich caramel, vanilla and tobacco vape with complex undertone notes. An enjoyable, slightly sweet tobacco vape. MADE IN CANADA All E-liquid...

  • DuMaurier (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options DuMaurier (30ml)
    Dumaurier  Arguably the most popular and well known Canadian cigarette flavour is here!  du Maurier is has a true cigarette taste.  This is a very dry e-liquid with almost no sweetness.  It is a pure...

  • DuMaurier The Real DuMah 50VG / 50PG 30ML
    $25.99 $19.99 Choose Options DuMaurier The Real DuMah 50VG / 50PG 30ML
    A rival to the best Canadian made Tobacco vapes. The Real DuMAh has stood up!

  • Export A (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options Export A (30ml)
    Export 'A'- Low Introductory Price!   This is our newest tobacco flavour, and one that we believe to be one of our most popular!  The Export 'A' brand is among the biggest sellers in Canada, and we think you...

  • French Vanilla (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options French Vanilla (30ml)
    French Vanilla -  Exclusive Product French Vanilla is a very smooth vanillia flavour that will relax and comfort you.  Our testers called this flavour: Smooth, creamy, decidant, and awesome! MADE...

  • Grape (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options Grape (30ml)
    Grape -  Exclusive Product - Low Intro Pricing! This is an excellent true to life grape flavour.  Not too 'candy' like, but just a nice sweet and light grape taste that is not overpowering.  It may just...

  • Marlboro (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options Marlboro (30ml)
    Marlboro Tobacco   The very popular Maroboro e-liquid has returned.  It is the top selling american blend tobacco, with a strong bold tobacco flavour that hits consistently and vapes very well.  A staple for...

  • Menthol (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options Menthol (30ml)
    The taste of the finest menthol product in Canada. The B&H menthol will leave you satisfied and feeling fresh. The ultimate bitch stick captured in a Vape. MADE IN CANADA All E-liquid sold with child proof...

  • Peach (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options Peach (30ml)
    Peach -  Exclusive Product   This is as close as possible to a real peach.  Its not a 'candy' ultra sweet peach taste, but rather a well balanced and not overpowering true peach flavour.  If you...

  • Players Light (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options Players Light (30ml)
    Players Light   I am very excited to introduce the newest e-liquid available:  Players Light.  This iconic cigarette brand has been around since John Player bought the business in 1877.  The wonderful...

    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options RASPBERRY 30ML ELIQUID
    The flavor of a raspberry is both tart and sweet. While this e-juice can be enjoyed on its own it also pairs well with a variety of flavors from other fruits to chocolate to vanilla. Any flavor that has our Raspberry in the...

    $19.49 $14.99 ROOTBEER 30ML
    Can we just out of this world - it is really awesome

  • RY4 (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options RY4 (30ml)
    RY4   RY4 is a very popular e-liquid flavour.  Although it tastes different for everyone, it combines a tobacco base with a caramel and nutty finish, giving you a very pleasant, somewhat sweet vaping experience. ...

  • Strawberry (30ml)
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options Strawberry (30ml)
    Strawberry - Exclusive Product   Introducing this delicious new flavour:  Strawberry!  It is fantastic and sweet and very addictive, this is a really nice strawberry vape! MADE IN CANADA All...

    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options USA BLEND TOBACCO 30ML
    This is a real American blend of tobacco's.  NOW CALLED BLACKWOOD TBC Blackwood TBC Available in 0,3,6,12,18  strength. 30ml or 50ml your choice. All E-liquid sold with child proof Lids Keep out...

    $38.99 $29.99 Choose Options VELVET CLOUD - PANDAMONIUM
    Our newest release - an astounding 'white gummy' flavor you're going to love. This is a limited edition release! 100% Natural Organic VG, zero PG! Available in 0, 3, 6, 12 strength. 30ml...

  • VERY CHERRY 30ml
    $19.49 $14.99 Choose Options VERY CHERRY 30ml
      Cherry and not the cough medicine! AWESOME JUICE!Available in 0,3,6,12,18 or 24 strength. ...

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