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Producing fresh, tasty and big vapor volume to fullfill the cravings!

Tank, are also called Clearomizers because they are typically a clear looking tank with an atomizer inside. Atomizer is the core of the device that converts e-juice into vapor. There are usually two main types of atomizers, top-coil atomizer where vapor is produced mid- or towards top of the tank, and bottom-coil atomizer where vapor is produced at the bottom of the tank. A typical 1.6 mL to 2 mL clearomizer tank lasts about 1.5 packs to 2-packs worth. Larger tanks last longer per refill. A dual-coil atomizer produces more vapor than single-coil atomizer. All clearomizers will fit on our ecig Kit or any eGo type thread / battery. Almost all clearomizers also fit batteries with 510 threads and our advanced/premium kits.