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Canada v England: Women’s Rugby World Cup semi-final – live updates | Women’s Rugby World Cup 2021


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Key occasions

65 min: Tuttosi is off for Beag and Cokayne won some remedy forward of this scrum. After a reset England come away with it and Harrison kicks away beneath a low of drive. Canada have it and are trying to find their 3rd of the fit, the struggle from each groups is spectacular. Alarie does truly smartly once more to achieve precious metres, they’re getting nearer.

63 min: So can England see out this yellow card with out conceding? Their defence are hoping so and so they do smartly to carry down Canada’s maul legally. Cleall makes an excellent take on and he or she wins the penalty!

62 min: England give away but some other penalty and Canada kick to the nook. There’s a destroy in play right here, a Canadian is receiving treament.

61 min: Bern makes an excellent run and England are into the 22. They’re doing truly smartly with a participant down. Scarratt selections up a free ball nevertheless it has been grew to become over by means of Canada and Pelletier is sort of away! Dow ultimately will get her down however she has made an excellent destroy!

59 min: I feel Alarie is in reality staying on! England’s Muir makes an look as England have a scrum and with Cornborough within the bin they want a whole entrance row. They arrive away with it and are working throughout the stages.

58 min: There’s a large destroy in play as Alarie receives remedy, it kind of feels most likely the full-back shall be changed.

58 min: England are sloppy however they arrive away with it. They’re going throughout the stages right here however Harrison kicks away. Alarie is down injured so for now the perimeters are even. England are in assault now however the referee pauses play for Alarie.

56 min: This shall be a check for England now, an 11-point cushion to shield with over 20 mins to head. You might assume the cushion would shrink however Tuttosi’s line-out isn’t instantly! An enormous let off for England. The Purple Roses go for the line-out and Ward has it. They cross with the maul and so they wish to run it out in their 22 right here. And wow! They’ve the penalty and they are going to transparent their traces. Professional reaction to the yellow from the Purple Roses.

YELLOW CARD! Canada 12-23 England (Cornborough, 54′)

Canada opt for the riding maul and so they win a penalty from the set piece. They kick to the nook once more and England must watch out after that previous caution from the referee. They cross with the maul yet again and Canada have the benefit once more. A card is coming I feel and sure it’s.

52 min: The tries on this fit had been breath-taking, what an commercial for ladies’s rugby. That is highly spiced and may nonetheless cross both manner. The newest ranking left me with my mouth broad open! Hunter has been changed by means of Cleall. Canada get the penalty and so they kick to the nook.

TRY! Canada 12-23 England (Dow, 50′)

What have we simply witnessed?! MacDonald’s preliminary destroy is astounding who offloads to Dow and oh my phrase. She runs, runs and assists in keeping on working! That is without doubt one of the easiest tries of this event.

49 min: Canada are affected person of their assault and to this point England are doing smartly to not give away the penalty. They’re simply metres away right here, they’re so shut! England push Canada backwards and Cokayne turns the ball over. However they may be able to’t declare it and Canada are in assault once more, jeez that is gorgeous rugby. England flip it all over again, excellent defence not to give away a penalty in that. MacDonald is now countering!

47 min: Citadel is on for Canada because the workforce glance to assault right here. They’ve simply entered the 22 however a Tuttosi go which was once intended for Paquin is free, England glance as regardless that they’ve it again however MacDonald knocks on. A Canada scrum to come back. 8 dealing with mistakes for England now, this has been their weak point for fairly a while and so they’ll want to tighten up in the event that they wish to win this. Canada come away with the ball.

45 min: Rowland is fending off the sector on a cart, she is clapping the group however there shall be worries for Simon Middleton. Affirmation Kildunne is on and we’re again underway.

45 min: Medics are surrounding Rowland and the damage should have are available in that newest ruck. This shall be heartbreaking for the megastar, particularly if England do achieve the general. I feel Rowland shall be changed by means of Kildunne however I can verify in a while.

45 min: Canada have made a transformation with Kassil on for DeMerchant. Rowland once more takes the ball into touch however Canada rip the ball and they are going to assault right here. Tuttosi does extraordinarily smartly to assemble a ball which glance destined for a knock on. England are protecting with a participant down as Rowland is down and receiving remedy. The referee pauses play to permit Rowland time for remedy – this shall be an enormous blow.

PENALTY! Canada 12-18 England (Scarratt, 43′)

It’s over! A six level cushion however they’ll want extra.

42 min: England are affected person at the ball and so they earn a penalty on the breakdown, England level to the sticks – they understand how necessary every level shall be.

41 min: Rowland has made nice metres in England’s early assault, she has been cracking at full-back to this point, and the workforce are actually working throughout the stages. Bern will get some important metres however to this point Canada are doing smartly as soon as once more in defence.

Again underway! Canada 12-15 England

So we’re 40 mins away from learning one of the most groups within the last! A large number of other folks had been speaking about whether or not Canada will be capable of fit England in health and I’m hoping they may be able to. A toe-to-toe contest for the total 80 can be so tasty!

Who do you assume will take this fit? I truthfully can’t name it and I’d love to listen to from you, you’ll touch me by means of Twitter and electronic mail.

Simply check out this check out, magic in movement:

Part-time: Canada 12-15 England

Smartly that is coming with reference to the most productive recreation of the event to this point. England raced to a 12-0 lead however Canada struck again with two gorgeous tries. It’s all nonetheless to play for. What a fit!

PENALTY! Canada 12-15 England (Scarratt, 40′)

And it’s over! That’s half-time, what an exhilarating 1/2.

39 min: After a reset Canada come away with it however they’re beneath immense drive, England willing to hit again sooner than the destroy. Grant kicks away however England have it and they’re searching for their 3rd. Scarratt makes an excellent destroy to position them within the 22 and they’re going throughout the stages right here. England have the penalty and they’re debating whether or not to visit nook or posts. They opt for posts! Kick to come back.

37 min: There’s a destroy in play however we’re underway yet again, a Canada scrum to come back.

37 min: It’s value noting that Canada are an beginner outfit, the one semi-finalists to not be skilled. And they’re going toe-to-toe with the arena primary facet. England having a look to strike again however Heard knocks on.

TRY! Canada 12-12 England (Corrigan, 35′)

Canada go for the maul once more and what superb paintings! They march a minimum of 15 metres and England are pinged once more. The referee has a phrase with Hunter caution her about those consequences piling up. Tessier kicks to the nook, some other check out for them feels forthcoming. Canada taking part in England at their very own recreation as they opt for the maul once more, this time it’s nice defence from England to prevent the maul charging over. The Purple Roses need to handle their defence regardless that and Canada cross so shut. They run it broad and Corrigan is over. Do Goede provides the extras and we’re stage!

33 min: Canada have some other blank line-out and they’re now those to make use of the riding maul. Matthews is judged to have introduced that down and Tessier kicks, now not incomes many metres regardless that. The Canadian line-out is just right and they’re now at the hunt for his or her 2nd check out.

31 min: Canada have been going throughout the stages and have been a bit of scrappy however play is halted by means of the referee as there was once a neck roll from Canada – undecided which participant because the replay wasn’t transparent. Harrison clears England’s traces. The road-out is sloppy from England as Packer loses it and it’s Canada who’re at the assault right here. Kaljuvee pops a kick in however Dow catches and calls the mark.

29 min: Canada have the scrum and so they come away with it, they kick away and England have it. However now England are those to be charged down! Canada can’t pounce at the free ball and Harrison boots it into the stands. A Canadian line-out in an excellent place, it was once somewhat free however they arrive away with it.

27 min: Hunt turns it over on the breakdown, nice defence from the Canadian. There’s break day as avid gamers obtain some remedy and a few water. Smartly what a semi that is!

26 min: Aldcroft wins the penalty on the breakdown and Harrison kicks to the nook. Will the riding maul be referred to as into motion now? The road-out from Cokayne is blank however they come to a decision to run it. Ward thinks she has it over the road however spectacular defence sees the ball held up! A function line drop out from Canada rolls all of the strategy to midway and England are in assault yet again.

24 min: England get the ball out the scrum and Harrison kicks away. The TMO are checking to look if that was once a 50:22 and it’s! England line-out is just right and so they come to a decision to run it. Harrison offloads slickly to Rowland to get them into the 22.

22 min: Canada have some other scrum and so they come away with it, speedy and firing. However They knock on and England could have the set piece now. The check out from Paquin has awoken the Canadian beast, this fit goes to be tasty!

TRY! Canada 5-12 England (Paquin, 19′)

I’m misplaced for phrases at how superb that was once. This is a blank scrum from all sides however Pelletier were given the ball temporarily and made a cracking destroy. She dummied to idiot MacDonald and Paquin was once in! Sensational.

18 min: Dow gets the plaudits for completing that off however Rowland installed all of the groundwork there. Harrison clears with a kick to midway and Tuttosi will desire a blank line-out right here. However it’s free once more and England glance to assault yet again. Rowland’s go to MacDonald isn’t medical regardless that and Canada go for the scrum.

TRY! Canada 0-12 England (Dow, 15′)

England get it again and Rowland makes an improbable destroy! She offloads to Dow who stretches over, Middleton fist pumps! Scarratt narrowly misses the kick, it bounces off the publish.

14 min: Canada’s first line-out of the fit is free and Infante comes away with it. A really perfect fend from Dow will get England into the 22 and carries from Cornborough and Aldcroft edge them nearer. Harrison pops a gruber kick in, a fascinating selection as England have been going throughout the motions and a check out felt forthcoming, and Canada transparent.

12 min: England regather on the restart however the kicking recreation is again, it kind of feels it’ll be a key a part of this fit. The Purple Roses are taking part in it broad however Harrison places boot to ball and Tessier collects and kicks away. It really works smartly for Canada however Heard fees down a kick from Tessier and England fee ahead yet again. Harrison’s go is free regardless that – it’s frantic presently!

TRY! Canada 0-7 England (Packer, 8′)

A reset to the scrum ultimately sees England come away with it. Rowland’s dancing toes sees her unfold the ball broad, she ultimately passes to Scarratt and he or she is turfed into contact. They have been taking part in the benefit regardless that and Harrison kicks to the nook. A blank line-out and the riding maul offers them a check out yet again! Scarratt provides the extras.

6 min: Canada do truly smartly to verify they don’t give it away and so they transparent their traces. England run it throughout the avid gamers as they assault with a slick offload from Scarratt to Heard. Harrison does her personal dummy and he or she is sort of away and England edge nearer. However, alas, we will be able to need to look forward to the primary check out of the fit. A free go from Ward to Packer is free however England had the benefit, Purple Roses scrum to come back.

4 min: Pelletier makes an attempt a dummy however it’s learn smartly by means of the English defence. And this can be a stellar effort from England who win it again however Canada win it again temporarily! Wow what a begin to this fit. The Purple Roses flip it over yet again and Rowland brings the kicking recreation in yet again. The Kick from Harrison is excellent and England pin Canada in their very own 22.

2 min: A really perfect kick-off from Canada sees the facet come away with it and they’re working throughout the stages early doorways. The kicking recreation comes into play and the ball is free from Emily Scarratt who knocks on, a Canada scrum to come back. The set piece shall be fascinating as Canada can fit the Purple Roses up entrance. This is a blank scrum and Canada come away with it and shift the ball broad, a truly vivid get started from them.

Kick-off! Canada 0-0 England

Right here we cross! Who will bag their last spot? England are purple sizzling favourites however Canada are in a position to an disillusioned …

The avid gamers are out and the anthems shall be in complete glide in a while! Any person else fearful? Knock-out rugby may throw up the rest!

England head trainer Simon Middleton has now not taken kindly to a couple complaint levied in opposition to his workforce about their unswerving riding maul. A large number of tries are being scored by means of the England forwards, six of the seven scored in opposition to Australia have been from the forwards, and he as soon as once more commented at the matter forward of the semi-final. He mentioned: “We all know what our recreation seems like. We’re assured we’ve were given no matter recreation we want to get within the efficiency we would like. I feel New Zealand have were given a larger downside as a result of they may be able to most effective ranking with their backs, however no one is creating a fuss about that.”

Canada captain Sophie de Goede instructed the BBC: “All of us consider in every different. England is a powerful workforce. The drive is on them. We’re more than likely the one people who really consider we will pull off that disillusioned.”

The fit as of late is a revisit of the 2014 RWC last the place England gained 21-9. This recreation is filled with competition and it’ll be fascinating to look which manner it’ll cross.

Listed below are a couple of preview to sink your tooth into forward of the fit:

Our guy at the flooring Rob Kitson has a climate replace from Eden Park and says it’s preferrred climate for rugby as of late! Versus closing week’s torrential rain nightmare, the skies are transparent, the solar is shining even supposing there’s a slight breeze. Do we see England use the elements to run the ball throughout the palms? Or will the riding maul as soon as once more come into motion? All shall be published from 3.30 …

Get in contact and let me know the way you’re feeling this morning! Did you keep as much as stay up-to-the-minute or have a sleep? I had a 4 hour nap which I’m hoping is sufficient to see my thru each suits! You’ll be able to touch me by means of Twitter and electronic mail.

As I mentioned the workforce information is right here and Canada have an unchanged beginning 15 however they’ve blended up their bench. They’ve named seven forwards of their replacements in a bid to check England up entrance.

Canada beginning XV: Alarie; Grant, Corrigan, Kaljuvee, Farries; Tessier, Pelletier; DeMerchant, Tuttosi, Menin, Holtkamp, Hunt, Forteza, Paquin, De Goede (capt).

Replacements: Boag, Kassil, Ellis, Fuamba, Beukeboom, Senft, Svoboda, Holly.

4252 Canada v England: Women’s Rugby World Cup semi-final – live updates | Women's Rugby World Cup 2021
{Photograph}: Greg Bowker/Getty Pictures

England, in the meantime, have made only one exchange from their win over Australia within the quarter-final. Claudia MacDonald is available in on the wing for Lydia Thompson. There have been two past due adjustments with the Purple Roses pronouncing at 2.30am as of late. Hannah Botterman was once because of get started however has picked up a knee damage and so Vickii Cornborough is within the entrance row. Lucy Packer was once named at the bench however she has an ankle downside. Shaunagh Brown and Sadia Kabeya come onto the bench.

England beginning XV: Rowland; Dow, Scarratt, Heard, MacDonald; Harrison, Infante; Corborough, Cokayne, Bern, Aldcroft, Ward, Matthews, Packer, Hunter (capt).

Replacements: Davies, Muir, Brown, Galligan, Cleall, Kabeya, Aitchison, Kildunne.

3500 Canada v England: Women’s Rugby World Cup semi-final – live updates | Women's Rugby World Cup 2021
{Photograph}: Brett Phibbs/PA


Welcome again to our protection of the Rugby Global Cup! Each semi-finals shall be performed as of late and we’ve got are living updates from every fit to be sure you don’t leave out any motion. First up is Canada v England with the latter favourites to take their position within the last. Canada had been spectacular throughout the event regardless that and feature been fairly glad transferring along side not one of the media highlight.

Lately England have had the higher hand on this fixture, the closing coming within the autumn of 2021 the place the Purple Roses inflicted a 51-12 outcome. However many shall be anticipating the end result to be a lot nearer this morning. And it’s not simply the RWC last spot that those groups are taking part in for, Canada have the ability to destroy England’s successful streak. Simon Middleton’s facet are on a 29 recreation run and the opposition as of late would like not anything greater than to prevent them attending to 30.

The workforce information is out so keep tuned for updates forward of kick-off at 3.30 GMT.


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