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    Rush Limbaugh Discusses Electronic Cigarette Bans

    e cigarettes electronic cigarette

    25 comments to Rush Limbaugh Discusses Electronic Cigarette Bans

    • Louis Zurn

      Never thought the day would come when I agree with Rush Limbaugh.

    • potasium56

      i agree, these vaping bans are bullshit, thier banned also in red deer
      alberta, i honestly think if they didn’t ban them and smokers saw this they
      would transition to an e-cig or a second generation vape. 

    • quadsnipershotp1lvl4

      now that the data came out from san fransico if Im correc the cigaretts
      still can give you cancer and the people around you.

    • E-Cig Consumer Reviews

      I agree with Rush on this one… People have a weird stigma with vaping.
      Guess our best way to fight this stigma is to educate people why we vape. 

    • maurice mckinley

      I smoked for over 40 years and smoked a pipe for the last 25 years.I
      started using a vaporizer 1 week ago and have had no desire to smoke my
      pipe since then.these are a great replacement for tobacco

    • Kemal Kizilisik

      I got my health back thanks to e cigs it people are against that screw them
      I won’t hurt their healt but if they have no regard for mine screw them I
      am sick of stupid people 

    • jo3tag

      Intentionally flaunting a vape is going to hurt our cause. If you consider
      the voting populous, we are the minority. We should be able to vape at
      will, but the stigma of smoking still taints the views of non smokers.
      Stunts like Rush pulled will be our downfall. Vaping is not banned in my
      state, but I am fairly discreet about doing it in public. We have to do
      this just as blacks had to not flaunt their rights when they were freed
      from slavery, just like gays as they started coming out publicly, until the
      ignorance subsides.

    • garrettthurman21

      “People dying left and right” lmao 

    • Christopher Mendez

      People start dying left and right! LMFAO!! I can’t stop laughing! RUSH! You
      are the most self absorbed asshole on earth but you made me laugh so you’re
      alright with me! lol 

    • Otis Hill

      Rush is 100% correct. Washington and namely the Democrats in Washington are
      using unfounded hearsay to stir fear of ecigs so new regulations/laws/and
      taxes can be levied on this ballooning market. They just want to put the
      government hand in the vaping cookie jar.

    • warc8us

      Holy shit I actually agree with Rush on something. Add that to “guns” on
      the list of things he is rational about. 

    • Jason Pincince

      I agree with Rush Come on people its not smoke there is no tobacco idiots
      say oh they are smoking no its vaping not smoke 

    • Andrew Lambright

      i can’t stand those control freaks, blow it in their faces rush. i’ll drive
      past them and play the music they hate EXTRA loud. i swear you can see it
      when their brain blows a fuse.

    • Darth Belal

      Rush in controversial, no doubt about that. Still, when you people go to
      vote, vote for those who want to keep government and the nanny state out of
      your lives as much as possible.

    • Aaron Yang

      While I agree with Rush on this topic, I don’t agree with “shocking” people
      by vaping in elevators, restaurants, etc. It’s a respect thing for me. I
      don’t like forcing my actions upon other patrons just like I don’t force
      any political or religious beliefs. I will however, vape outdoors in public
      areas like patios and other outdoor portions of businesses as I firmly
      believe that it is inherently safer than smoking a real cigarette and there
      are no studies showing that “secondhand” vapor has any detrimental side
      effects. Long story short, if it bothers someone, I’ll explain it to them
      first and if it causes problems, I’ll stow it away for later. I can go 20
      minutes without a puff. It’s not a problem for me and a lot less of a
      headache for the business owner.

    • Jack Kemp

      Rush is right!

    • James Klauzner

      Give them hell Rush, the world needs a lot more people like you!

    • FutureGirl2033

      3 people work for the tobacco companies!

    • 1000hightower

      The federal devil association smells money. you know what that means

    • steveMCHS

      I think hell just froze over……..I cant believe im actually agreeing
      with rush for once.

    • Dalton Barron

      It comes down to them wanting the money they think they deserve out of it
      that’s all it is lol 

    • Ginleagh MacAndoraigh

      I use e-cigarettes. I’m discreet. But, leave it to Rusty to make a point
      of pissing people off…

    • steve williams

      Fuck him .

    • Big Lou East Coast Review


    • feuergeist

      I never thought I would agree with Rush but I do…. Wow.