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What is Nicotine?

Whether you’re a smoker or a vaper, what do you really know about the nicotine in electronic cigarettes? Sure, it feels awesome, but do you honestly know much about it? Here is a look at nicotine, just to give you some insight as to what it is, and whether it lives up to the myths that surround it.
 Nicotine is found in traditional cigarettes as well as vapor cigarettes. With vapor cigarettes, as you’re probably aware, it is available in varying amounts, ranging from 3.6% to 0%. While there is the potential for nicotine overdoses, it is very, very rare. In small quantities, as is typical for electronic smokers, the amount of nicotine inhaled and absorbed by the body is so minute that issues of overdose are not likely to arise. However, despite the track record of nicotine, it should be known that nicotine is in fact, a powerful neurotoxin, whose capacity for destruction when overdosed can involve serious illness as well as death.
 Nicotine, though sometimes used synonymously with tobacco smoking, does not contain smoke, and can be used exclusively of smoke. Often classified into the same bracket as other drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, and meth, it is done rather erroneously. Yes, nicotine does hold the potential to be an addictive substance, however it does not cause intoxication or make the user feel “high.” In fact, adding to this substance’s credibility, nicotine isn’t even a carcinogen!
 Another highly purported nicotine myth is that it impairs judgement and motor skills. This is simply wrong. In studies done to test how it affects the brain, nicotine has been shown to have the opposite effect, and is even being examined as a potential treatment for a large range of conditions, including sleep apnea, attention deficit disorder (ADD), Tourette’s Syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, ulcerative colitis, and inflammatory skin conditions, among others!
 Nicotine is also found abundantly throughout nature, particularly in the solanaceae family of vegetables, and is not some skewered man-made substance, created to cause addictions and keep people enslaved to smoking. Did you know that if you eat eggplant, potatoes and tomatoes, you are consuming small amounts of nicotine?
 So despite what you may have heard over the years about nicotine, hopefully this article has shed some light onto this most interesting substance for you! Yes, we are all about selling our liquids with childproof caps, and hoping you heed all precautions when handling e-liquids on your own, however with proper attention and understanding, nicotine can be used safely