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Vaping Guide 101

Vaping Guide 101

  1. Information about electronic cigarettes (is it safe? is it healthier? will it help me quit?)
  2. Clearomizer, Tank, Atomizer, Cartomizer?? What does this mean??
  3. Ohm, resistance, voltage?

What are e-cigarettes / ecig / electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to smoking tobacco products. They are electronic devices, normally the size and shape of a regular cigarette, which produce a vapor that contains nicotine. They provide a way of satisfying nicotine cravings that is more similar to actually smoking than other methods – including the fact that vapor can be felt as you inhale it much like cigarette smoke – but without the other carcinogens and toxic chemicals that smoke contains (the vapor contains fewer than ten different chemicals, all of which are licenced as safe for human consumption).

Electronic cigarettes are what are known as personal vaporizers (PVs). They are often about the same size, shape and even color as a cigarette and many have an l.e.d. in the end that glows when the ecig is used so that it looks like it’s alight. High-power models are also available that don’t resemble an ordinary cigarette (these are called ‘mods). The liquid that ecigarettes turn into vapor (called e-liquid) comes in a huge variety of flavors from the many different tobacco relicas to butterscotch and peaches. It also comes in differing strenghts of nicotine and nicotine-free liquid is quite popular for those who want the experience of smoking but want to kick their dependency on nicotine completely.

How do e-cigarettes work?

All ecigs have a rechargeable battery, an atomizer that is powered by the battery, and a cartridge that holds liquid for producing vapor. In some models the atomizer and cartridge are combined into one component called a cartomizer.

The ecigarette’s atomizer turns the liquid into vapor inhaled like the smoke from a regular cigarette. There are two major types of ecig: automatic and manual. In an automatic, the atomizer is activated when the user draws air through the ecigarette and vapor is produced in a way that mimics smoking a cigarette. In a manual version on the other hand, the atomizer is activated when a button on the side of the battery is pressed and vapor is produced for as long as it is held down.

The bulk ingredient in the ‘e-liquid’ that produces the vapor is the same as that used in some medical inhalers. e-liquids can have many flavors as well as various strengths of nicotine (including nictione-free for those looking to kick their dependency on nicotine completely).

Why use an e-cigarette?

Ecigarettes are an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The idea is to obtain the nicotine in a cool mist with a few well-known ingredients that are all approved for human consumption instead of inhaling toxic smoke, since it is known that smoking tobacco cigarettes is associated with many serious health issues and about a one in three chance of early death. For many, e-cigarettes provide a way of satisfying nicotine cravings in a very much less harmful way than smoking and also provide a replacement for the physical act of smoking that is lacking in most other alternatives. E-cigarettes replicate many of the physical sensations of smoking including the ‘throat hit’ of smoke. This makes it a more satisfying experience for many users than patches, lozenges, gum or inhalers. It is not for everybody though and may not be the best route to giving up smoking entirely. Some people use ecigarettes with nicotine-free vapor in order to kick their reliance on nicotine as it provides some of the physical actions of smoking which are a large part of the habitual element of cigarette addiction.

What produces the vapor?

There has been an increase of methods to create vapor over the years. The atomizer, clearomizer, cartomizer, wick, and so forth. This topic will cover the basics of the different kinds of heating elements to choose from and what may be most suitable for you.

Atomizer – It is a heating element that produces vapor. In today’s market, you can purchase different types of atomizers in size, resistance, and threading. Generally used with a cotton or fluva filled cartridge, you fill the liquid into the carridge and attach to the atomizer. This was widely used on 510 model electronic cigarettes, hence the term “510.” Eventually, the community evolved a “drip method,” which was known to create a more rich flavorful taste but required frequent dripping directly into the atomizer. Soon after, the market introduced drip tips to deter on having to constantly remove your cartridge tip to drip your liquid onto the atomizer, which is commonly referred to as “drip tips you see today.”

Cartomizer - A combination of both catridge and atomizer. In earlier generations of the electronic cigarette industry, the cartomizer was used as a method to eliminate additional parts for convenience. The cartomizers will include pre-filled liquid of specific flavors that is offered and the cartomizer can be disposed once the flavor is used up. Probably the biggest disadvantage was the ability to switch flavors if the atomizer itself was still usable. Although it was convenient, the cost factor was most likely another sacrifice. Today, the cartomizer is commonly referred to as another type of atomzier while having a tip that attaches onto it. A thin tube filled with poly fill around a center tubing and coil which includes an atomizer at one end. Cartomizers can be used as-is for vaping by soaking the poly fill in juice. Additionally, you can punch a hole near the base of the cartomizer using something called a “saddle valve”, soak the poly fill, and put the cartomizer inside a tank. When the cartomizer gets low it will automatically suck juice from the tank.

Clearomizer - A poly fill free cartomizer which uses wicks inside a clear tube to deliver juice to the atomizer. The liquid can usually be filled by unscrewing the attached tip from the top or from the bottom depending on the model or manufacturer. There are also non-rebuildable and rebuildable types of clearomizers, where you can replace the coil heads and still retain the outer body of clearomizer.

Tank Systems – There are currently 2 types of tanks that is offered through Vivid Smoke. One is a wick type which is similar to a clearomizer that usually holds a certain amount of liquid. The other is utilizing a punched hole cartomizer and harnessed over a tank to feed liquid into the heating element. Both types of tanks are convenient due to its capacity size and the miscellaneous replacement parts for longer usage. Tank systems usually come in Poly Carbonate (PC) plastic, Poly Propylene (PP) plastic, Pyrex Glass, or other common plastic/glass encasing materials.

Common Questions

What type of set up should I use for vaping?

This is a difficult question to answer as there is personal preferences among which heating element to use. Older vape veterans may resort to the drip method as it provides the best flavor, however it requires frequent refilling or “dripping.” The same goes for using a non-punched cartomizer as the method will be identical to using an atomizer only. Clearomizers tend to be the easiest for users who are first experiencing the usage of vape products. It is normally slim in size, holds enough ml of liquid and can be refilled and replaced easily. Using a wick or cartomizer set up for tank systems can also come down to personal preference. The wick system tends to be easier to refill and less messy accidents, while the cartomizer tank system requires a bit of a learning curve. The upside of using a cartomizer tank system is that it seems to provide a better flavor taste versus the wick set up among feedback from community and general users. Flavors, amount of vapor can impact results depending on your voltage/wattage, ohm/resistance which is discussed in the topic below.

What does ohm, low resistance (LR), standard resistance (SR), voltage/wattage matter?

In the early days of when electronic cigarettes were first introduced, there was 2 types of mixtures, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Based on user’s choice liquid manufactuers only produced 100% of PG or VG. As the eliquid industry evolved, different mixtures and combinations were offered as well as the ability to change your voltage/wattage setting based on the liquid and ohm rating of your heating element. By adjusting to your preferences with the liquid, the user could change the settings depending on which liquid/mixture to enhance flavor, produce more vapor, or alter throat hit.

The ohm is the measure of electrical resistance or how freely electricity is able to travel through something. For example, the cartomizers we offer LR, SR has a ohm range catered to what the user prefers. To simply put, the lower the resistance the less vapor and throat hit, which requires less voltage. Increasing the voltage too much on a low resistance heating element will either be distasteful or possibly damage it. A standard resistance can produce more vapor by being able to increase the voltage.