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How do I use a Personal Vaporizer?

1. Charge the battery initially for 8 hours the first three charge cycles.
*Our kits usually come pre-charged shortly before you purchase, please charge 8 hours only for the next two charge cycles.

2. Attach the battery to the atomizer. Place cartridge into atomizer. Wipe any remanding liquid from vaporizer. Wait up to 10 minutes when placing a new cartidge for first time. You may place a drop or two directly on atomizer wick to start vaping right away.

3. Drag on the cartridge tip. Sometimes a quick primer puff is required to preheat the atomizer for better vapor production.

4. Make sure to draw your puff slowly on new cartridges or after “topping off” to be sure no liquid is drawn into your mouth.

5. Recharge battery when no vapor is produced. LED light will also blink repeatedly.

6. LED will blink and unit will automatically shut off if drag is constant longer than 5-7 seconds. This is a safety feature to prevent overheating.

7. Replace or refill cartridge when empty and no vapor is produced. If you continue to use your vaporizer when liquid and/or cartridge is empty, this will decrease atomizer life and may damage or make unit fail.

8. You may refill or top-off your cartridges many times until they stop to perform nicely. When they don't perform well, replace cartridge with a new one. Top-off by placing 1-5 drops directly on the filter in the cartridge. You may also place a drop directly onto the atomizer wick.
DO NOT OVERFILL...this may flood your atomizer or allow you to draw liquid into your mouth while using you vaporizer.

9. Drain atomizer nightly by disassembling from battery and cartridge and sitting wick side down on paper towel overnight. Clean atomizer weekly by running under hot water for 1 minute or boiling for 5 minutes. Also, soaking in a carbonated soda overnight then rinsing will help. After doing so, place wick side down on paper towel overnight to drain. Also, drip 1-2 drops of liquid on atomizer wick to keep moist.

10. Adding too much liquid to atomizer or cartridge, may flood the atomizer. If this happens vapor may not be produced. The atomizer must be rinsed and drained overnight. 

11. Blowing the atomizer through the closed (threaded) end will also drain excess liquid faster.

 A new atomizer has a break-in period that may take anywhere from 1-2 hours to up to 1 week. During this time flavors may not be pleasant or persistant. You may also experience a bad taste until this break-in is complete. After the break-in is complete, you will enjoy fully.