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Kamry K100-101 VV Mod Kick 2 Instructions

May users get excited about having a Variable Voltage Kamry K100 or Kamry K101 Mod with the Kick 2.0 because it opens up a lot more vaping opportunities. Although these VV mods are great, it's sometimes difficult to figure out how to pair them together for vaping e-liquid. Below is a step by step instruction setup on how to setup your mods, so they are ready to vape.

Step 1 - Attaching Kick 2.0 & Protective Chip

The First step is to take your 18650 or 18350 battery and attach the VV Kick 2.0 to the Positive (+) end of your battery like shown in the image below. Then you take your green protective chip and attach it to the Negative (-) end of your battery. (note: The Kick 2.0 is only compatible with 18000 (range) model batteries.)

Kick 2 Attached to Positive End of Battery and Protective Chip attached to Negative End of battery


Step 2 - Assembling Kick 2.0 & Battery Into Mod

The next step is to put the battery (positive end first) into your mod body. However, when you put in your kick 2. There are 2 little gold pins that push in and out. You need to lightly depress the gold pins to fit the kick 2 into the mod body.

Once you can get the kick 2 and battery to slide in, push it in all the way to the top of the inside of Mod tube.

Step 3 - Screwing in Mod Base

Now that your kick 2, battery and protective chip is successfully in your mod. Screw in the base.

Note, for your battery to fire you must expand or descend your telescopic mod body to the exact length of battery. So your battery should not be loose and you should not hear rattling if you shake your mod up and down lightly. The battery needs to be tight and snug in your mod.

This will depend on if you have a 18350 or 18650 battery. (In this example we used the 18650 battery so the mod would be fully extended.)

Step 4 - The VV Dial on Kick 2.0

Once you have your base screwed in and you adjusted your mod to be tight with your battery.

You can take off the top and you will see the VV Dial on the kick 2. This is where you can then adjust the Variable Voltage (VV) aspect of the Kick 2.

Step 5 - Adjusting The Kick 2 VV Dial

To adjust the VV Dial you will need a small flat-head or Philips screwdriver. Each Notch represents an increase of a 0.2 Voltage. The Kick 2.0 comes ready at 3.0V.

Step 6 - Voltage Range on Kick 2 VV Dial

The Kick 2.0 maxes voltage out at 5.0v. The image below here shows that the kick 2.0 is set at 4.0v. Look closely and whenever a notch is between the 2 dots on the gray circle dial. That is where your volts are set.

Once you have successfully setup your K100 or K101 VV Mod to a voltage of your choice. Screw the top back on and put your cartomizer or tank on the Mod to start vaping.