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Cleaning Your Battery

Cleaning your battery:

Over time e-liquid can get trapped into the threads of your battery. Cleaning it is pretty simple to do. I recommend using a Q-Tip and some rubbing alcohol (or vodka) and inserting it into the hole at the top of the battery. Simply spin it over the threads. Repeat until the Q-Tip has no e-liquid residue on it. You can also use paper towel that is twisted up to do the same thing. The 510 batteries are lithium ion and have no memory, so you do not need to completely drain your battery before recharging them. If you are planning on storing them for an extended period of time, you should discharge the batteries to around 50% and store in a cool dark place. To extend the life of your batteries, do not let them fully discharge before recharging. If your 510 battery gets wet, place your battery in a zip lock bag with a cup of rice for 48 hours. The rice will draw the liquid from the battery and dry it. NOTE: Never attempt to charge or use a wet battery. This can cause the battery and/or charger to short.

The 510 batteries have an automatic shutoff after 12 seconds of continuous use. The battery light will blink 5 times indicating the battery automatic shutoff has been activated. After a few seconds your battery will be ready to use again. This is designed to prevent accidental discharge of the battery. When carrying your 510 electronic cigarette, be sure not to store it somewhere where the battery button can be pressed. The atomizer will get very hot if forced on for several seconds and create a lot of heat.

The charger:

The charger is a two piece unit, with an AC adapter as well as a USB adapter. The USB adapter can be used on its own by simply plugging it into a USB port. To charge your 510 batteries with AC power, just plug the USB charger into the USB port on the AC adapter and then plug the AC adapter into any standard wall plug. You can clean your charger threads the same way you do your battery. The spacing is tight between the battery threads and the wall of the charger, so be gentle when cleaning it. Do not leave your charger plugged in when not in use. Do not leave a charging battery unattended.

Frequently asked Questions from Customers:

This is a constantly updating area. As we get questions from customers we will post them here in an attempt to alleviate possible issues with other customers.

Q: How many times can I refill the cartomizer?

On average about 10, but some customer report as long as one month. A good recommendation is to never let the cartomizer get completely dry. Always fill when its about 3/4ths empty. This keeps it from getting too hot and reducing the lifespan.

Q: Can I clean cartomizers?

A: It is not recommended that you clean your cartomizers. They are considered disposable, and therefore after they start losing their abilities, I recommend just throwing them out. Cartomizers are just a few dollars each, and are much cheaper then alternates like atomizers and clearomizers.