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    Electronic Cigarette super Mini, Hints On Getting More Vapour

    best electronic cigarette 1

    25 comments to Electronic Cigarette super Mini, Hints On Getting More Vapour

    • Michael Cutruzzola

      Okky Vapes 

    • Robert Buchanan

      Am I the only one who found this guy completely hilarious? Love vaping;
      must see more of this unintended comedian’s reviews.

    • crystal

      If you put something over one whole would you blow up??? lol

    • Nic Maxx

      E Cig Nicmaxx Is The Best 

    • natalia McDonough

      i get all my e cigarette juice from itsvapetime its the best!

    • Gyengye Gabor

      Those holes has pretty much nothing to do with the battery. The guy whom
      cigarette blew up is because as you said he modded the battery and probably
      screw something up and overcharged it shorted the fully charged battery.
      Lesson learned dont mess with the battery.

    • ETigariNanoline

      Milioane de oameni au reusit sa se lase de fumat. Mai sanatos, mai curat si
      cu pana la 80 % mai ieftin decat tigarile clasice. Elimina fumatul pasiv!
      Intra pe h t t p : / / w w w . nanoline . ro/ si cumpara-ti acum online o
      tigara electronica. Importator produse originale – baterii, consumabile,
      accesorii Joyetech, Sailebao, Kanger, pentru toate modelele,ego-C, ego-T,
      510, 901, eCab si multe altele. Lichide VG si PG, marca Dekang, Heaven
      Gift, Liqua.

    • will. triumph

      t’as une drole de facon de cracher la vapeur toi!?

    • NocVision

      lmao I thought the same thing

    • Alex Martin

      Buy quality e-cigs for low price at
      Offers valid till christma guys!

    • kev ago

      good for u and i don’t think so it’s only one out of the millions i know so
      many friends who got the same problem and what did they ? back to the real
      cig which kill so many people u can’t destroy this shit with lies and fake
      stuff, fcking tard

    • Lincoln

      legalmente eh proibido

    • Army_Ranger187

      i have used (clear) eliectric tape and it worked just as well.not the same
      brand of e cig but it looks exactly the same.2 holes…….well 1 now and
      it feels just like the vigs i smoked

    • Deepah213

      Damn i love your accent! Nice video

    • beastman2004

      Were did you get it

    • ecigsaustralia

      Hey guys, volcano e cigs now available in Australia, email:

    • J Jacobs

      @ TBone14159 All you could infer from this is I dislike Scottish accents,
      so thanks for the useless comment.

    • marc sam sagmit

      it works

    • Mark van heyningen

      if it contains nictone yes, other wise its just water

    • Michael Burke

      wtf i never asked you i asked the guy on the vid cause im looking at those
      ones, back the Fark Off Rat, i dont even know would make you say that so
      shut you hole bitch

    • jess craig

      this is a good smoke thanks for the tip

    • Lynn Considine

      FREE TRIAL OFFER!!!! NOT they take you’re money every month!!!!! READ THE

    • Coil O'Wanny

      I’ve got one aswell

    • Jarod138A

      how do it smell & taste like?

    • xyanide.wav

      That fog’s almost as good as an EGO tank setup, but the juice looks heavy
      on the throat mate!