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    Ecig Canada

    Ecig Canada Zone Electronic Cigarettes ECigarettes with or without NICOTINE. Smoking cessation, quit smoking, vape, e-liquid.  Electronic Cigarettes in Canada with or without NICOTINE are the #1 Trusted Brands. BUY ECIGARETTES IN CANADA. Ecig Canada Zone was created to service your electronic cigarette needs. You’ll find the highest quality products online for sale as well as the best pricing and service. Fast processing and shipping all from within Canada’s boarders. We are pleased to feature the finest selection of the best available ecigs!

    Also by supporting ecig canada us a Canadian vendor, you are giving your vote towards wanting e-Cig sales to continue in Canada.


     Ecig Canada Zone Electronic smoking is quickly rising in popularity and may change the way people smoke forever.

    With over 5 years’ experience in providing the right quality products for our customers we have established itself as a market leader  Take a look at our products if you have any questions please call or email and we will be happy to assist you.

    Ecig Canadaecigontario Ecig Canada Zone TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS.

    We Only Ship From Canada To Anywhere In Canada. is produly Canadian owned and operatd

    EcigCanadaZone Electronic cigarettes have come a long way, even in the last few years, with many awesome improvements recently.  No longer do electronic cigarettes devices require regular filling, charging and maintenance.  No longer do e-cigarettes produce inconsistent drags and poor performance.  Our newest line of e-cigarettes use batteries that last all day, and accessories that hold enough e-liquid so you don’t have to carry e-liquid with you when you are out.  Many also use bottom coil’s, which is a big upgrade, as the e-liquid will create excellent vapor and taste, all the way to the last drop of e-liquid.  If you are a smoker looking for an alternative to cigarettes, please visit our Canadian electronic cigarettes store and have a look!  We are here to help you, so if you have any questions please contact us anytime!

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    Ecig Canada Zone

    You guys are unbelievable with the quality and speed of your shipping!!! I do a lot of online shopping and no one, big or small comes even close to you. Refreshing too deal with a decent group for a change.. Christine A

    I must thank you for getting both my orders perfect and for the quality products you’ve provided me with. These e-cigs are awesome! Already, I feel my lungs getting healthier, I can breathe easier, and I’ve suddenly got much more energy than I had when I smoked. I have been able to switch instantly and completely from cigarettes to e-cigs without any cravings whatsoever. I plan to use these e-cigs to gradually cut down and eventually quit altogether.

    I have passed on all four of the business cards you gave me to other smokers who expressed interest in my e-cig. I expect that at least two of them will switch to e-cigs. Feel free to send more business cards. They fit right in my Ecig Canada Zone case most conveniently.

    Thanks again!
    Jenny K.


    I wanted to give a comparison for anyone who has doubts on who is the best E-juice provider. WINS hand down. I ordered from both Canada Ejuice VS Ecig Canada Zone at the same time. I chose the basic delivery from  Ecig Canada Zone that is $10.00 and paid $50.00 express from Canada E Juice. delivered 2 days ahead of the $50.00 express delivery from Canada E-Juice.
    Lets talk about the juice. I will ONLY ever order from Ecig Canada Zone from now on. Quality E-Juice that tastes absolutely amazing and you can tell is made with love. No complaints, have been vaping for 3 months and now smoke free! Quality customer service and they reply immediately to inquiries. Hand written thank you’s and quality business cards.
    So if you are looking for truly the best E-juice supplier in Canada there is no other place to turn then!! Awesome job guys! Rick.N


    Why Vape & Buy E Cigarette, Vaporizer, E Juice ?

    Electronic Cigarettes (“e cigarette”) are electronic devices that vaporize a liquid solution, usually referred to as “e liquid” or “e juice”, to produce vapor with appearance, sensation and flavour of regular smoking without any combustion. Vaping or vape, as its commonly referred to as, is spreading rapidly and we invite you to try it out if you are a smoker of any type. The resulting vapor doesn’t contain any tar, carbon monoxide or chemicals normally present in ordinary tobacco cigarettes, hookahs and cigars. Because vaporizers like e cigarettes do not produce any foul odour or smoke, they facilitate a more pleasant social experience, and can be legally used indoors at offices, public transportation, restaurants, airports, hotels and other places, but within reason and subject to special private property policies. Smokers who switch to vaping with Ecig Canada Zonecan save thousands of dollars annually. A 1-pack per day smoker will save in excess of $2,500 and much more on other expenses related to cigarettes. All our vaporizers and vape accessories are eco-friendly and recyclable. E-Cigs are an alternative and should be understood in that context.